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Does mobile pick-up and delivery cost extra?

What is the delivery fee?

All pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning orders are subject to a $6 delivery fee. The $6 fee covers both pickup and delivery – which means your total cost is $6, not $12. For more information on our pricing, delivery fees, or custom packaging requests, visit

Note – Businesses that qualify for discounted business pricing are exempt from the $6 delivery fee. To apply for discounted business pricing on your laundry or dry cleaning, email

Why am I charged a delivery fee?

At The Folde, we pay our drivers as full-time W2 employees that are covered by insurance and driving our company vans – you may have seen them around! We’re pretty proud of our fleet of delivery vans!!

With that, our drivers are compensated a fair and responsible wage – unlike delivery services that pay their employees as contractors that rely on tips. This fair wage and benefit plan is part of an initiative to make sure your laundry is always taken care of in the best way possible – from the van it is delivered in to the person delivering it.

The Folde Laundry Delivery Driver

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