The Folde 101

Pickup and delivery laundry is a relatively new thing. It's not always clear how to best use it in unison with the rest of your life: budgets, schedules, work, school, family, etc. There is no one size fits all solution – but here is some advice from our current customers.

How do most people use The Folde?

We asked our customers how they use The Folde to show that no matter how you use it, delivery laundry service helps everyone lighten the load. See where you find your sweet spot. Wherever it is, we’ve got a spot for you.


"The Folde takes care of three-quarters of my family's laundry on a weekly basis. We have a washer & dryer at home for the small stuff that is always needed like the kid's school uniforms and soccer jerseys. The weekly recurring pickups is scheduled out for us just like the maid service and pool cleaners." -Jessica B, avg. 2-3 bags per week.


"My work clothes get dry cleaned every other week. When I order a dry cleaning pickup from The Folde, I usually add X-Large Bag to help me catch up on random laundry - like guest room sheets, kitchen towels, and workout gear that I don't want sitting in my hamper until I get around to washing it myself. " - Matt A, avg. 1-2 bags per month.


"I really like using it as a monthly get out of jail free card! That may not be conventional but it's nice getting a head start on laundry every month to help me never fall too far behind. Too far may be the key word there. It's inevitable that I'll fall behind eventually but my 1st of the month pickup keeps me close to caugh up." - Amy P, avg. 1 bag per month.

Every Once in a While

"I started using The Folde to help out my to-do list when we have stressful things on the horizon. It's usually just before we have house guests in town, when my husband is traveling for work, or right before we are going on vacation. Now that I think of it, when we get back from vacation is by far my favorite time to order!" -Erinn P, avg. 5 bags per year. 

Only Sheets & Towels

"I keep three sets of sheets and towels for each bedroom and bathroom. When I'm on my last batch, I'll schedule an order to restock my sheet & towel stock at the house. I'd like to think it's once a season but it's probably closer to once every six-months. Oops!" - Tina W, avg. 4-5 bags per year.

Only Dry Cleaning

"I work weird hours so having a late pickup option has been amazing.  Dry cleaning has always been an issue for me since they all close down when I get off work. With my work hours, it's a gme changing service that I'm happy I found." - Kevin Z, avg. 1 bag per month.

Ready to get started with pickup and delivery laundry service?

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Still have questions about laundry delivery service?

Why are the pickup and delivery options 5-hours?

Our pickup and delivery options vary in length by your zip code and the day of the week. We keep pickup and delivery windows open for a couple different reasons: 

  1. Most people prefer to leave their clothes in a designated pickup and delivery spot as opposed to waiting for a driver. When creating an account, you can add notes to specify the pickup and delivery spot for our drivers. This can be by the front door, back door, concierge desk, etc.
  2. Our drivers cover A LOT of ground on a daily basis. Keeping them moving saves your time but also allows you to save money by keeping laundry pickups and deliveries efficient. We would rather spend more time and money bringing you the best quality of laundry possible than fighting traffic back and forth to meet on-demand scheduled.

Not going to be home? No problem! Most customers prefer we pickup and deliver right from their doorstep. You'll be updated by text and email with photo documentation. If you won't be home for your first pickup, you can leave your laundry in other bags or hampers - we will return your clean clothes with your new, personalized laundry bags.

I need my laundry back faster! Why the one-day turnaround time?

Laundry is delicate. And, we take it seriously. From our drawer-ready packaging,  stain treatment, hang-dry options, and complimentary steam treatment of collared shirts, dresses, and blouses, we know that doing it right takes time. 

With a little bit of forethought and planning, our one-day turnaround is easy to plan for. And, it's delivered straight to your door.

As a premium, all-inclusive laundry service, our goal is to bring you a premium laundry product at an affordable and predictable price. There are local, old-school laundromats that offer entry level pre-pound pricing and there are other software companies out there offering quicker turnarounds. Be careful. Be sure you know who is doing your laundry when you order online and make sure to check the quality before dropping your clothes off at a low-cost provider. 

How do I differentiate my wash & fold laundry from my dry cleaning?

Upon placing your first order, you will be provided two specific wash and fold bags and one specific dry cleaning bag to easily separate your dry cleaning clothes from your wash and fold clothes.

Kindly note that any items that you wish to be pressed should be included in the dry cleaning bag and will be priced individually.

While we do our best to catch dry cleaning items that are placed in the wash and fold bags, we can't always catch everything. The Folde is not responsible for dry cleaning items sent in wash and fold bags.

How much does laundry service from The Folde cost?

Wash & Fold Laundry:

Standard Bag (approx. 3 loads): $30

X-Large Bag (approx. 5 loads): $40

Our flat-rate wash & fold pricing makes laundry predictable and affordable. We've eliminated the hassle and sticker shock of per pound pricing. Stuff your bags full; it doesn't change the price!

Dry Clean & Launder-Press Garments:

Dry cleaning & launder-press garments are priced per item between $3-$6. You'll never run into a $15 dress or $20 suit. For more info or a complete list of our dry cleaning prices, click here.

*order upgrades like softener ($.50), bleach ($1), custom hanging preferences ($3), and hang-dry ($5) are available by request.*