Next-day laundry delivery? No problem.

It’s finally here! Next-day laundry delivery is available from The Folde.
  1. How does it work?
  2. Are there limitations?
  3. How much does it cost?

How does next day delivery laundry work?

In your app, you first have the option to select which laundry services you need. The options here are 1) wash & fold laundry service and 2) dry cleaning service, or 3) both.

If you only need wash & fold laundry service, you’re eligible for next day laundry delivery.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to orders that include any dry cleaning treatment. The default turnaround time on dry cleaning delivery is still two-days.

Are there limitations to next day laundry delivery?

Yes. Unfortunately, dry cleaning orders (or orders containing both wash & fold laundry and dry cleaning) will not be eligible for next day laundry delivery. This is because of the more detailed treatment needed for delicate launder-press and dry cleaning orders.

Orders picked up before 3pm, which are all orders in our morning (8am-1pm) and afternoon (10am-3pm) routes will be eligible for next-day laundry delivery. Orders collected in our evening route (2pm-7pm) will not be eligible for next day laundry delivery. If you’re in a rush – be sure to get your order scheduled early for access to next-day laundry delivery.

How much does it cost?

The next day delivery costs $5.

In the app, you’ll be prompted with the $5 charge. If you would like to pay the $5 next day upgrade, you can accept the rush delivery time slot. This delivery charge will automatically be added to your order.

Not into that? Two-day service is still available at the same price and the same scheduling availability.

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About the Folde: The Austin-based laundry and dry cleaning delivery service is available for both Houston and Austin, TX residents. The Folde offers a full-service laundry & dry cleaning solution with a variety of different options to fit the needs of a wide demographic – ranging from parents & families to young professionals & college students.

All ordering is done on the easy-to-use app. Once scheduled, customers are prompted to leave their dirty clothes in The Folde bags outside their door. The Folde provides different bags for the customer to differentiate treatment – including dry cleaning, hang dry, and regular wash & fold. As a premium service, the entire process is completely customizable and all clothes are handled with extreme attention to detail.

When placing an order in the app, options are presented to choose the type of detergent, softener, and bleach as well as different folding and hanging options. Learn more about The Folde’s Texas laundry delivery service expansion here.

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