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4 Hacks to Achieve a REAL Work-Life Balance

The Folde explores the real tools you need to achieve a work-life balance. Hint: It involves laundry!

The elusive “work-life balance” may seem like an urban legend to some. With our device-driven society and the ability to connect with anyone at any hour of the day, keeping work at work can be a challenge.

Many ambitious individuals find themselves suffering from burnout as a result of a work-life imbalance.

So, is it really possible to find a harmonious balance between one’s work life and home life? The short answer is YES. But it does take planning and a few strategic approaches. The Folde explores the real tools you need to achieve a work-life balance.

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1. Wake Up an Hour Early

Do you typically wake up at 8 am to get to the office by 9 am? Great—now start waking up at 7 am instead. Use that extra hour for you. Avoid your phone (don’t even think about checking your work email) and instead dedicate the time to something that brings you joy. Read, journal, play guitar, walk the dog, enjoy your coffee in silence—whatever calls to you. Carving out time specifically for self-care is an important way to move toward the work-life balance you crave.

2. Set Out-of-Office Hours

One of the most common reasons one’s work-life balance becomes lopsided is that work becomes all-consuming. Boundaries are critical to avoid work creeping into your family or personal time. Be sure to establish clear out-of-office hours during which you are unavailable to complete work-related tasks. That could be from 6 pm until the following day, or perhaps you make yourself available in the evenings but dedicate all day Sunday to yourself.

Set an away message on your email for these hours to let colleagues know you’ll respond in the morning. Most importantly—remain committed to these boundaries.

3. Stop Doing Your Own Laundry

We’re not saying you should stop washing your clothes altogether, but one surefire way to free up more time for leisure is to enlist a laundry delivery service. The average person wastes several hours each week on laundry (yep, traveling to the laundromat, drying, folding, and organizing adds up). Imagine enjoying that lost time with your family or learning a new skill?

With a laundry delivery service, you simply schedule a pickup of your used clothes, indicate whether specific garments need to be dry cleaned vs. laundered, then enjoy fresh, folded, ready-to-wear clothes upon delivery. That’s right, laundry services like The Folde actually deliver your clean clothes to you. Less time wasted on the dreaded task of laundry, more time to spend on what makes you happy.

4. Meal Prep

The key to a healthy body and mind is fueling it with nutritious foods. Have healthy snacks prepared for when hunger strikes throughout the day. You can even pre-plan dinners for yourself and your family. Your meal prep doesn’t have to be an elaborate operation—simply spend an hour every Sunday afternoon chopping vegetables, portioning trail mix into baggies, or cooking chicken to toss in salads.

Meal prepping will save you valuable time throughout the week, fuel you with energy, and eliminate the stress of worrying about what to make.

Work-Life Balance is Not a Myth

Although it might seem counterintuitive, establishing a healthy work-life balance does take work. But achieving it is absolutely possible. At The Folde, we want to make your day easier – even if it’s only laundry day. We support your well-being and is available to help you move toward a truly balanced life.

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Hint: It will help your work-life balance!