5 Best Pillows for Airbnb Rentals

Pillows are easily one of the luxuries of a mattress that helps to give comfort when resting.

A good night’s sleep is one of the essential things to function in an individual’s day-to-day life. Airbnb hosts are no exception. They need to be well-rested and alert to take care of their guests, answer all their queries, and ensure that their guests are satisfied with their stay.

The problem is that many people find it difficult to sleep at night because they are not using the correct type of pillow for them. When choosing a pillow for themselves, people usually go by what feels comfortable for them or what they have been used to sleeping on for years. But this does not work when choosing a pillow for an Airbnb host as every person has different needs and preferences for sleeping pillows.

Airbnb hosts are not alone when selecting the best type of pillow for their Airbnb rentals. They can consult with friends and family to get recommendations and check online reviews from other Airbnb hosts who have already tried out different types of pillows. The most comfortable pillow for an Airbnb host has a firm feel, support, and springs.

Pillows are easily one of the luxuries of a mattress that helps to give comfort when resting. It is necessary to include them in your Airbnb because it helps increase the review about your space when a client has a good night’s rest. Suppose you are an Airbnb host and need to get insight into the best pillow for Airbnb rentals. This article will discuss the five best pillows for Airbnb, the factors that help you determine a good pillow, and many more.

Best Pillow for Airbnb

The five pillows that we will review in this article are in no particular order. The reviews are based on customer satisfaction and Airbnb hosts looking for the best pillows for their rental services. Our assessment focuses on Airbnb hosts giving their guests an excellent experience to increase the rate of recurring guests. Stick around to the end of the article to get complete knowledge on the best pillow for Airbnb. The five best pillows for Airbnb rentals are:

  1. GhostPillow – Memory Foam
  2. Blu Sleep Products Bio-Hybrid PillowGel Dual Comfort Queen Medium Profile Pillow
  3. Leesa Hybrid Pillow
  4. SWELL Plush Pillow for all-sleepers
  5. myLatex® Pillow

GhostPillow – Memory Foam

As part of Nature Sleep’s GhostBed brand of mattresses, GhostPillows, a series of pillows, was introduced in 2016 to complement the GhostBed product line. GhostBed is known for giving higher comfort and support than regular mattresses. Additionally, they’ve developed goods that include cutting-edge cooling methods. Their pads, which they claim to be the only ones in the world to provide real-time cooling, contain the same technology.

The zipper cover of the cushion was made with a ghost Ice fabric by GhostBed. To the touch, it’s refreshingly chilly, and the heat from both sides of the pillow is absorbed. It can be removed and washed like a GhostPillow case, and you may use it in the same way. Additional cushioning is provided by the GhostPillow’s aerated mesh inner cover. More air may pass through the mesh.

The GhostPillow’s memory foam core provides support and comfort. Air may freely flow via the precisely drilled holes. The foam is cool to the touch on both sides, so it’s a natural choice for our list of the best pillows for Airbnb rentals. A unique phase change material reacts to your body heat in real-time for increased performance and comfort during usage on the cooling side. Using real-time cooling, you can sleep well all night.

Blu Sleep Products Bio-Hybrid PillowGel Dual Comfort Queen Medium Profile Pillow

One of the unique selling points of Blu Sleep is its aloe vera-infused Bio Aloe and Ice Gel pillow. Foam’s chemistry is influenced by the natural oils utilized in each cushion. The cushion has a water-expanded foamed gel that keeps it cool and comfortable. Unlike ordinary memory foam, this specialty foam is more permeable to moisture and odors.

The GhostPillow is a mini-mattress made of memory foam. Memory foam fills the whole pillow, which is why it’s so comfortable. It’s also well-ventilated, as seen by the uniformly sized holes found throughout the cushion. When you squeeze the pillow, you can hear the sound of flowing air.

The GhostPillow’s memory foam is also less dense. You can feel the memory foam around your head, but it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking into it. This pillow has an ultra-plush sensation, which retains its form exceptionally well. The cover is created in Canada, and the foam is imported from Italy.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

In addition to being adjustable and reversible, the Leesa hybrid pillow has a removable insert and double-sided comfort for added convenience. A cool gel side to the touch will keep you comfortable throughout the night, regardless of the weather conditions. When you use a pillow with a down-like quilted pocket side, you won’t have to fluff it nearly as much.

In addition to its many features, the Leesa Hybrid Pillow has a bevy of sleep-enhancing strategies. Because of the many pockets packed with feather-like fillings, it provides a smooth and lump-free surface on which to rest your head. Both sides of the garment are covered with cooling fabric, and the other end includes an extra layer of comfort gel to improve the cooling effect further. The garment is machine washable, making it a nice collection among the best pillows for Airbnb rentals.

With a removable insert that slides between the two layers of fabric, you can easily alter the level of support while still cuddling it when not in use. There are four various alternatives available to fulfill the requirements of even the most discriminating consumers.

SWELL Plush Pillow

The SWELL is a soft pillow that gives support and comfort for the head and neck while also regulating body temperature thanks to its high-tech mesh cover that enables air to flow into the foam easily. It is a pillow suitable for all types of sleepers, whether you are a side sleeper, a stomach, or a back sleeper.

SWELL is a new kind of memory foam that is both supportive and machine washable so that you can wash and dry it with relative ease. Because of the distinctive cuts in the cushion, both air and water may readily move through it. With its transparent mesh cover, this long-lasting cushion helps the foam retain its temperature, allowing it to work to its most total capacity while remaining comfortable.

The SWELL cushion, which is hypoallergenic, is made without any harmful chemicals. Most importantly, the SWELL cushion is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent option for down feather pillows in the case of allergy sufferers. Consequently, it is one of our best pillows for Airbnb, and it has been proven to be nontoxic. This product also meets and exceeds the customers’ expectations that purchase it. This pillow is an excellent investment as it is designed to be as soft as possible without losing support and provide you with adequate possible sleep.

myLatex® Pillow

This pillow is filled with natural latex noodles and woolly puffs, pearl-sized puffs of soft and bouncy latex material. In addition, it offers a genuine wool-filled quilted pillow cover for long-term care and excellent sleep convenience. It is wrapped in natural cotton sateen that may be laundered in the washing machine to preserve its appearance. myLatex® Pillows are available in three different sizes: standard, queen, and king. It is environmentally friendly, and you can repurpose the packaging as needed.

MyLatex® Pillow prevents the overheating and nocturnal sweating common with down, feather, and synthetic fillings and foam, as well as with down-alternative pillows. The thickness of the pillow is offered in a high loft configuration for easy adjusting, and the numerous features make it includes the best pillows for Airbnb. Designed to provide relaxing support for the head while maintaining the spine’s natural posture, this cushion allows for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Professional Airbnb homeowners think business first, trying to outfit the property as cheaply and efficiently as possible. That usually means you’re paying for a cheap pillow that might best be described as a few pieces of padding wrapped in clothing. But if you need to get the best pillows for your Airbnb rentals while still getting the best service from a pillow with a good sleeping experience, consider our list.

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