6 Reasons to Use a Home Laundry Service

Think freshly laundered clothing delivered to your door sounds too good to be true? Think again. If you haven’t tried a home laundry service, there are loads of reasons why it’s worth it.

What is a Home Laundry Service?

Think freshly laundered clothing delivered to your door sounds too good to be true? Think again.

A home laundry service, also known as a laundry delivery service, allows you to schedule a pick-up of your dirty clothes, indicate if any items need special care like dry cleaning, then enjoy clean, fresh clothes when they’re back to your door. Home laundry services take the hassle out of doing laundry by doing your laundry for you.

If you haven’t tried a laundry delivery service to your home or office, there are loads of reasons why it’s worth it.

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1. It’s Convenient

You can’t get more convenient than a service that picks up your laundry and returns it to you fresh, cleaned, and ready to wear. But seriously, you no longer have to worry about carving time out of your week to dedicate to laundry. A local pick-up laundry service like The Folde will handle everything for you. You can even have your clothes picked up or delivered to the office—score!

According to the 2021 State of Delivery Report, 68% of consumers reported that they’re more likely to purchase delivery service options than they were before the pandemic. And, this trend is only growing. People love the convenience of a home laundry service!

2. It Saves Valuable Time

Without the need to travel to the laundromat, spend hours waiting for cycles to complete, then fold each piece of laundry, you can free up a significant amount of extra time. Most people dedicate several hours each week to laundry. We know you can think of at least a few hobbies or pastimes that you’d rather spend your valuable time on. And, a home laundry service might be able to give you that time back!

Although hiring someone to do your laundry or clean your house may seem superfluous considering you can do those chores yourself, this Harvard Professor argues that the benefits of outsourcing your most disliked activities far outweigh the cost of hiring someone to do them. The boost is the equivalent of 18,000 happiness dollars.

3. It’s Fast

Need your lucky shirt washed for the big presentation tomorrow? No problem. Local laundry delivery services like The Folde accommodate next-day delivery at a nominal fee (just an extra $5—less than your morning latte).

Don’t need your laundry the next day? You’ll still receive your clothes in two days thanks to our super-efficient home laundry service delivery options.

4. You Get Professional Quality

Laundry services, like The Folde, hire and train experienced professionals who have worked with practically every material or garment type possible. As a result, your clothes are consistently returned to you in top-notch condition. Of course, when you schedule your pick-up, you’ll have the option to separate clothes that need to be dry cleaned or have any other special requirements.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

The convenience and peace of mind you enjoy with a home laundry service are truly a worthwhile investment. Not to mention, you save money on laundry detergents and supplies, coins for the laundromat, or water/electricity vs. doing it yourself at home. Plus, the time you save is priceless.

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to the energy and water-efficient equipment that home laundry service providers use, laundry businesses use far fewer resources than individuals washing their own clothes.

Since 75-85% of the environmental impact of our clothes comes from washing and drying, it’s worth considering.

The good news is, most laundromats and laundry services are greener than they’ve ever been due to improvements in machinery and more environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents and detergents. .

Ditch the Laundromat and Sign Up for a Home Laundry Service!

Gone are your days of an overflowing hamper or loads of wrinkled clothing sitting in the dryer for days. With a convenient home laundry service, you can feel confident that your laundry will be fresh and delivered to your door as often as you need it.

You can schedule your first laundry delivery at the click of a button.

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