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Why Affordable Dry Cleaning is Totally Worth It!

Following care label instructions is beneficial if you want to prolong the life of your clothes. And, finding an affordable dry cleaner is the first step!

Finding an Affordable Dry Cleaning Service That’s Right for You

Dry cleaning services can get expensive! That dress that costs $5 to dry clean also costs you the time stuck in traffic and the expenses to get to the cleaner. The more dry cleaning you have, the higher the bill and the more trips to the cleaners.

Then you find a place down the street that offers to dry clean the same dress for $3 – instead of $5. It’s a no-brainer, right?

That’s up to you! The more expensive dry cleaning service with do a better job but your clothes might not need the full treatment. It depends on your price sensitivity and your tolerance to risk. After all, using a discount dry cleaning service can feel like gambling some of the time. Finding your perfect fit with an affordable-to-you dry cleaner is key!

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What is the difference between a full-service dry cleaner and a discount dry cleaner?

A full-service dry cleaner will utilize a double bath. In dry cleaning terms, a double bath means the solvent used in each load is cleaned and filtered before being used again. The solvent used at these full-service cleaners is often of higher quality, as well.

On the other hand, discount dry cleaners often use the same cheaper chemical solvent repeatedly, resulting in redeposition: the process where all the dirt that has been washed out of other clothes is deposited right back onto yours.

Dry cleaning lingo still confusing? When compared to a community hot tub, consider the full-service dry cleaner as hot tub that’s emptied and cleaned between each use before the next guest hops in. On the other hand, the discount dry cleaner is a community hot tub that uses the same water between guests.

Make sense now?

Why Should You Really Should Dry Clean Your “Dry Clean Only” Clothes?

Not following dry cleaning instructions can cause long-term damage to expensive or sentimental clothing. Dry cleaning may be necessary for those garments that are delicate and require special care. Trusting a professional with these items can help them last far past the time period they would through a regular laundry cycle.

Whether it’s a simple button-down for work or an elegant dress for a special event, your dry-clean-only items need careful consideration and specialized products. Dry cleaning allows that to happen.

Affordable Dry Cleaning Service in Austin & Houston, TX

Dry cleaning servicess come in all shapes and sizes. Once you’ve decided to take your dry cleaning to a cleaner, you’re on the right track.

The next step is to find your comfort zone – somewhere between a discount dry cleaner and a full-service dry cleaner. Whatever you choose, make sure it is affordable to your budget so you can keep sending your clothes out for proper treatment.

Speaking of convenience, an affordable dry cleaning service like The Folde, you can conveniently schedule pick-up and delivery around your schedule.

At The Folde, we provide you with a specialized garment bag that you can fill with any items requiring dry cleaning. Simply note any special requests for garments if you have them. If not, our experienced team will follow all dry cleaning label instructions to give you the best results.

So, is following dry cleaning directions worth it?

Absolutely, yes! The convenience and peace of mind make dry cleaning a worthwhile investment. Whatever cleaner you choose, make sure your dry cleaning garments are properly cared for! Before you brush off the “dry clean only” tag on your favorite clothes, know that affordable and convenient options are available.

Ready to get started with an affordable dry cleaning service?

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