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Airbnb laundry delivery service can help prevent throwing away stained linens

With some cooperation from your Airbnb laundry delivery service, preventing stains and damaged inventory can be efficient and manageable. Here are some tips from The Folde.

Tips for handling stained or damaged sheets & towels.

  • Stock white sheets and towels as these are the easiest to stain treat.

  • Consider stocking face wipes for makeup removal (or designated black makeup towels) to prevent guests from using washcloths or towels.

  • If a guest damages your linens, file a claim to get reimbursed with a part of their security deposit.

  • Direct message your guests about your policy on potential damage before their stay. If you don’t get in contact with them before, reminding them that bedding, towel, and linens could be regarded more carefully in the future may help their next host!

  • Ask your Airbnb laundry delivery service to separate out damaged items. While it will not help you recoup your cost, it will prevent damaged items from recirculating in your clean inventory. If you’ve already lost the damaged item beyond repair, the last thing you want is a bad review because it went back into circulation with your next guest.

Ask your laundry delivery service to separate out damaged inventory.

The Folde, and many other professional Airbnb laundry delivery services, offer customized packaging options to help you with inventory and stain management.

We’ve found that Airbnb guests have a lower tolerance for stain than hotel guests. It’s backwards…but it’s also true. While staying at a hotel, guests understand that hundreds if not thousands of guests have used the linens before, And, this subconsciously lowers their standards of cleanliness. However, at an Airbnb property rental, their standards seem to subconsciously increase – operating under the illusion that it’s their own private, boutique rental.

If you request your stained laundry and linens be returned in separate packaging from the clean linens, you’ll be able to quickly:

  1. Assess the damage for yourself to see if the laundry is acceptable for recirculation. As an Airbnb laundry delivery service, we know that your tolerance for stains might not always be as strict as our hotel-quality standards. If this is the case, you can easily unpack the linens and add them back into circulation. However, Airbnb laundry delivery services usually opt for stricter tolerances for stains – or at least the good Airbnb laundry delivery services do! *hint hint*
  2. Easily count damaged inventory to see what you need to reorder. Long gone are the days of unpacking a giant, 40-pound bag of laundry only to unfold everything, check for stains, and refold everything. By that point, you may as well have done the laundry yourself. Having damaged inventory packaged separately for delivery will help you save time getting these inventory replacement costs and counts.
  3. Directly correlate the stains with the guests responsible. If inventory was damaged, you’re going to want to know which guest is responsible. By having damaged inventory come packaged separately, you’ll know who is responsible for the damage based on the Airbnb delivery laundry service’s pickup and delivery date. It’s an easy way to reconcile the damage with the guest(s) responsible.

Bonus #StainTips

If indeed your laundry is white – as this is what we recommend, keep it white by making sure your Airbnb laundry service knows to add bleach, whitener, or Vanish in every wash. Most Airbnb laundry services give you the option to add treatment preferences to your account. And, if they don’t, be sure to contact them before ordering to make sure you can get whitening agents added to keep your whites white!

With this, set your laundry service preferences with some consideration for allergies. We always recommend free & clear detergent (detergent without perfumes or dyes) to help protect your guests from having a reaction to your bedding.

Some of our Airbnb laundry service clients

From single unit operators to national chains, we’re here to help make your turns easier with our Airbnb laundry delivery service!

  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX
  • The Folde | Airbnb Laundry Delivery | Austin & Houston, TX

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