Airbnb laundry service for your vacation rental property.

Managing an Airbrb rental property is hard. The Folde helps Airbnb hosts provide hotel quality laundry service to their guests - at the click of a button.

This includes inventory count management, stain separation, and rewash treatment - making all your laundry service worries disappear. 

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Airbnb & Vacation Rental Property Laundry Service

New to the Airbnb rental business? Here are some helpful guides for mastering the art of laundry & linen management at your Airbnb rental property.

tips for saving time & money

We worked with some of our most frequent Airbnb laundry service customers to find out how they save money on their laundry and linen cleaning.

how much inventory do you need?

Managing your sheets and towel inventory should not be overlooked. Inefficiently operating your sheets and towel inventory can waste your profit and your time.

delivery laundry & stain managment

With some cooperation from your Airbnb laundry delivery service, preventing stained and damaged inventory can be efficient and manageable. 

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We know laundry. And, we know Airbnb and rental property linen managment. From small apartments to large, multi-family homes, we have a delivery laundry solution for you.

What other Airbnb Hosts Are Saying

"The Folde's delivery laundry service has made things so easy! I never worry about getting the clean laundry back for the house cleaning staff. It's always delivered right on time!"

Allen C. - Facebook

"The Folde even seperates out linens that are stained by my Airbnb guests. If the stain won't come out, they pack it seperately with a note so the stained towel or sheet doesn't go back into circulation with my guests."

Jennifer A. - Yelp

"I've tried a couple really expensive laundry services and none of them have the attention to detail like The Folde. My cleaners just fill up the bag and leave it on the front porch every week - like clockwork."

Mark D. - Google

Ready to get started with delivery laundry service for your Airbnb rental property?