6 Quick and Easy Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Get ready for a laundry room upgrade with these super easy Amazon Laundry Room products.

Here at The Folde, we’re all about making laundry day easy for you.

We’re obsessed with laundry. We study detergents, softeners, folding techniques, and all things laundry. So, it’s no wonder that we’re obsessed with laundry rooms. But, not everyone can afford a major remodel of their laundry room. It is much more realistic to improve a laundry room with a few key pieces instead of a major construction project.

So, if you feel you’re ready for a laundry room upgrade, take a look through our super easy Amazon Laundry Room products you can buy on Amazon today.

  • Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades from The Folde | The Folde Laundry Service | Laundry Delivery Service
  • Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades from The Folde | The Folde Laundry Service | Laundry Delivery Service
  • Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades from The Folde | The Folde Laundry Service | Laundry Delivery Service
  • Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades from The Folde | The Folde Laundry Service | Laundry Delivery Service

Organize Your Laundry Room With Amazon Laundry Products

Detergent dispensers are a nifty storage solution that add more structure to your laundry room. Here are our favorite Amazon detergent dispensers that you can grab today.

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Our Favorite Detergent Dispensers

Conworld Powder Detergent and Scent Boost Dispenser

We love it because:

Scent booster beads spiraling all over the laundry room floor is a thing of the past. With an adhesive sticker, this detergent and scent boost dispenser can be stuck against the wall or placed on a surface. Either way, it’s as simple as pressing a button and filling the 2 included cups with your scent boosters or powder detergent.

Easy peasy!

Conworld Dispenser

For Powder Detergent and Scent Boosters

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Impresa Liquid Detergent Dispenser and Drip Catcher

We love it because:

We can collectively agree that everyone has had enough of spilling liquid detergent, right?

This Liquid Detergent Dispenser and Drip Catcher prevents sticky spills and is a great storage solution for organizing your laundry room. It comes as a set of 3 organizers with the bottle tilting at an angle for easy pouring. The anti-drip tray is super effective, too.

Impresa Dispenser

For Liquid Detergent

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Our Favorite Laundry Jars and Labels

Savvy & Sorted Laundry Room Labels

We love it because:

The font and squared style upgrades any laundry room’s aesthetic without any hard work! You’ll get a massive 144 preprinted labels specifically for your laundry room, including the most commonly found objects like “Baking Soda”, “Dryer Balls”, and “Color Booster.”

You’ll even get a reference sheet that links to individual numbers on labels.

If you’re big on being organized and you’re looking for that Pinterest-level-aesthetic, these labels take seconds to apply and have a huge impact.

Laundry Room Labels

By Savvy and Sorted

Laundry Room Apothecary Jars

We love it because:

Everyone loves individual jars, don’t they? For us here at The Folde, we’re obsessed with this set of 3 small glass jars from Whole Housewares.

You could use these anywhere in the home. But we’d recommend setting them up in your laundry room. These laundry room apothecary jars are timeless, elegant, and simple. Pair them with the laundry room labels above and you’ll uplevel your laundry room in seconds!

Laundry Apothecary Jars

For Powders, Liquids, and Pods

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Our Favorite Hanging Storage Laundry Solutions

InstaHanger Over-The-Door Hanger Bar

We love it because:

Homeowners – no matter the size of their property – are always looking for more room. That’s why clever storage solutions like this over-the-door hanger bar are so precious.

We’re big fans of the adjustable sizing, allowing you to easily change the size depending on the number of clothes you’re hanging on it.

Also, the fact that it can be installed in seconds without any tools, mounts securely to your door, and can carry up to 35 pounds makes it one of our favorite over-the-door hanger bars on Amazon.

Over Door Hanger Bar

Laundry Hanger Rack from InstaHanger

Magnetic Hanger Organizer

We love it because:

There’s no longer any need to collect hangers from other rooms or haul your clean laundry on the floor while trying to find said hangers.

With the Magnetic Hanger Organizer, you can attach your hanger to your washing machine (or a different metal surface). Save space, time, and your sanity!

Hanger Organizer

To Keep Your Hangers Organized

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades

Upgrade Your Laundry Room Today

Laundry rooms can be a safe haven – the scent of fresh washing and scent boosts, the organization, and crystal clean worktops. But some homeowners neglect their laundry rooms.

Trust us on this one – go ahead and take a look at all of the Amazon laundry room upgrade products we’ve listed.

Easy to set up, beautiful to look at, and super effective. You’re absolutely welcome.

Amazon Laundry Room Upgrades from The Folde | The Folde Laundry Service | Laundry Delivery Service

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