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The Folde Laundry Delivery Wash & Fold Customizations

How to Get More Out of Your Next Laundry Delivery

Laundry is tricky! Everyone has their own preferences. And, it’s our goal to make sure you know how to share these preferences with us. After all, saving time on laundry day isn’t worth much if it’s not exactly how you want it, right?

Here are some tips to consider before scheduling your next order:

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How often should you wash your sheets - commercial laundry service - the folde

Tips from a laundry service: How often should you wash your sheets?

Well, we have bad news for you. If you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably time to wash your sheets. While there’s a chance you’ve just washed your sheets and are about to get that ever-so-rewarding first night in new sheets feeling, it’s more likely that you’re hoping to delay the inevitable.

You should wash your sheets once a week.

It’s not a set-in-stone rule but it’s a quick fix to prevent yourself from building up levels of sheet contamination that would make even the heaviest sleepers toss and turn.

That’s just a general number, though. There are plenty of factors that determine if you should wash your sheets more often than once a week based on your lifestyle.

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Tips for finding the right laundry service | The Folde

Looking for a Delivery Laundry Service? Here are 4 Things to Consider.

With other chores like grocery shopping, dog walking, and lawn care available at the click of a button, why not laundry?

Whether you’re a family-homeowner with a washer & dryer who needs a helping hand or a renting young professional without access to a washer and dryer, laundry services are proving that there is room at the table for laundry when considering chores to outsource online. But with the trend of pickup and delivery laundry service becoming more mainstream, there are some considerations you should make before sending your clothes out for cleaning.

So, how do you find a reliable laundry service near you? Here are some tips to consider as you begin searching.

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How Laundry Delivery Service Expectations Are Changing

How Laundry Delivery Service Expectations are Changing for the Better

We’ve been at this delivery laundry service thing for a while now.  We saw it grow from a side business for laundromat owners to a mainstream industry with venture capital interest.  We were there for the emergence of delivery routes, no longer just a simple neighborhood drive-by. We’ve seen the high-efficiency and energy-saving machines come, go, then come again. And, we’ve watched laundry turn from a commodity to a luxury service.

In such a rapidly changing space, it’s hard not to get pulled into an ongoing analysis of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re headed next.  In this most recent round of thought, a handful of trends have caught our attention.  And, unlike the Marie Kondo craze of 2018, we feel pretty confident about these trends.  Let’s take a closer look at how laundry service expectations are changing – for the better.

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Laundry Service Tips for Families | The Folde | Austin & Houston, Texas

How Kaylee Baggerly Balances Work, Family, & Laundry

“I hate laundry. Y’all – I hate it so much that I avoid it at every cost!”

Kaylee Baggerly is the first-time mom and two-time dog mom behind Balancing By Design, a mom-based company offering support, advice, and stories through both Mom Resources and the Working Momma Diaries newsletter. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, and two Mini Australian Shepherds.

She has a weekly recurring laundry & dry cleaning pickup with one bag – sometimes a Standard Bag and sometimes an X-Large Bag on heavy weeks – that amounts to “about 80% of (her family’s) weekly laundry.”

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The Folde Expands Laundry Delivery to Houston, TX

The Folde Expands Service to Houston, TX.


The Folde has officially launched in Houston, TX! The popular Austin-based laundry and dry cleaning delivery service is now available to Houston residents. The Folde offers a full-service laundry & dry cleaning solution with a variety of different options to fit the needs of a wide demographic – ranging from parents & families to young professionals & college students.

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How do I update billing information with The Folde

How do I update my credit card with The Folde?

It looks like your billing info needs to be updated with The Folde. That’s ok; it happens!

To update online: Log in to the app from your mobile device or log in to from your computer. Navigate to your “profile tab” using the menu in the top right corner. Add new payment info into the “payment” row.

If this is your first time logging into the new system (August 2019), you will need to use this email address and reset your password.

To update by phone: Feel free to call 833-676-5807 to speak to one of our team members and get this updated by phone.

To update by chat: From the website, you can chat with one of us in the chatbox that pops up in the bottom right corner of your phone or computer screen.

The Folde delivery fee | laundry service delivery fees

Does mobile pick-up and delivery cost extra?

What is the delivery fee?

All pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning orders are subject to a $6 delivery fee. The $6 fee covers both pickup and delivery – which means your total cost is $6, not $12. For more information on our pricing, delivery fees, or custom packaging requests, visit

Note – Businesses that qualify for discounted business pricing are exempt from the $6 delivery fee. To apply for discounted business pricing on your laundry or dry cleaning, email

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