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The Folde Laundry Service for Moms | Kaylee Baggerly Reviews

How Kaylee Baggerly Balances Work & Family with Laundry Service

“I hate laundry. Y’all – I hate it so much that I avoid it at every cost!”

Kaylee Baggerly is the first-time mom and two-time dog mom behind Balancing By Design, a mom-based company offering support, advice, and stories through both Mom Resources and the Working Momma Diaries newsletter. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter, and two Mini Australian Shepherds.

She has a weekly recurring laundry & dry cleaning pickup with one bag – sometimes a Standard Bag and sometimes an X-Large Bag on heavy weeks – that amounts to “about 80% of (her family’s) weekly laundry.”

“I still do my daughter’s laundry and I still do the sheets & towels. This is about three loads per week – the rest gets sent to The Folde. They’re a FANTASTIC resource for moms – regardless of whatever you need help with!”

“With my husband on the road most of the week, we realized quickly that there were some things we just need to outsource to spend more quality time together on the weekends when we are actually together as a family. My husband and I both hate doing laundry; so we decided that one of the things we were willing to outsource and pay for would be help doing our laundry. Y’all this is a GAME changer!!”

The Folde Laundry Service for Moms | Kaylee Baggerly Reviews

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