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My new favorite Bellaire laundry delivery service

Customer Spotlight: Jennifer T in Bellaire, TX

Written by The Folde Customer Jennifer T. in Bellaire, TX

I’ll paint the picture for you. It’s simple math! Four kids plus one grandmother multiplied by five days in a U-Haul moving across the country equals lots of laundry.

My family and I recently moved to Bellaire, TX – a beautiful, little city within the city limits of Houston. We have quite a large family with 4 kids and grandma living with us. The whole gang of us moved from Seattle and after five long days on the road, we pulled the U-Haul into the driveway of our new home. As we were moving in, one of our new neighbors was receiving a laundry delivery from The Folde.
Bellaire Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

I was shocked. I never knew laundry pickup and delivery was a thing until I saw the delivery driver pull up. That’s when the light bulb went off…

In just the five days we spent diving down here, it felt like we had tons of laundry. On top of that, I was staring at the back of our U-Haul with boxes of kids clothes stacked on top of each other. In a moment of weakness, I figured why not give it a try.
I downloaded the laundry delivery app. It was only a few steps and I was able to easily setup a pickup for later that day. Sure enough, The Folde driver showed up a few hours later and we handed him the 6, 7, 8, who knows how many trash bags full of clothes.
A bit uneasy as this was my first time doing something like this, he promised me the items were in good hands.
Bellaire Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Ok random new Bellaire laundry delivery service – let’s see what you’ve got!

The next day the driver showed up with about a bunch of bags full of beautifully folded laundry. They even steamed and hung up my husbands collared shirts. The items were packed in what they call “drawer-ready packaging.” It was unbelievable. They were even able to identify that we had several kids due to the size and sex differences in the clothing and did a pretty good job packaging each of my children’s clothes separate. When unpacking, all we had to do was throw them straight into the drawers. They quite literally packed our laundry after cleaning it better than we packed it when moving across the country. I was pretty much able to just plop the bags in my kids drawers and they were ready to go.

Bellaire Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde

Fast forward six months and the same laundry delivery driver that I met on day one is still making weekly deliveries to our new Bellaire home.

We started doing weekly recurring pickups to help with all the laundry. My husband calls it preventative maintenance and I call it a lifesaver. We don’t give them all of our laundry but just having The Folde do two bags a week has given us so much relief.

The frustration that comes with a never-ending pile of clothes is now gone. At least when I get bogged down with laundry now, I know the reinforcements are on the way for my Monday morning recurring laundry pickup.

And, my husband’s mom even set up her own account and gets pickups very once in a while. Now, with COVID, The Folde has really been a lifesaver. Between entertaining the kids and trying to keep a modest amount of focus on work, there isn’t much time left in the day.

Five stars! – Jen

Ready to get started with Bellaire laundry delivery service?

How does Bellaire laundry delivery service work?

schedule a pickup

Create your laundry account and select your treatment preferences. You can even leave notes on special treatment for our team! Remember, our goal is to make laundry day as easy as possible for you. From our drivers to our production team, your clothes are in good hands!

on pickup day

On laundry day, you’ll get your own, personalized laundry bags to separate your laundry and dry cleaning; these bags are yours to keep! Just in case, we’ll remind you the night before and then again on the day of your service to make sure you don’t forget.

on delivery day

We’re experts in clothing care! When your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready to wear, one of our The Folde delivery drivers will return them folded and hung at your designated drop-off location.

not home?

No problem! You’ll be updated with photos. If you won’t be home for your first pickup, you can leave your laundry in other bags or hampers that we will return with your clean clothes. Check out our pickup & delivery tips.

It’s even easier on our app!

But, we’re not just another pickup and delivery app. Our new take on laundry and dry cleaning is simple. We obsess over every detail throughout the cleaning process because, as you know, cleaning your clothes is an art — not a science.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Austin & Houston TX

Get started with Bellaire laundry delivery service!