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It’s our birthday! Want to celebrate with us?

We’re turning three! Whether it’s been weekly or just every once in a while, we knew you hated laundry day. We’re going to celebrate by taking a walk down memory lane. Thanks for your support over the last three years!

Time flies when you’re folding laundry.

Here’s a look at some of the impact we’ve had over the our first three years.

service areas

In March 2017, we opened service to 5 central Austin zip codes. Currently, we service 38 zip codes – including 18 in Houston, TX that launched in November 2019.


We weren’t always driving around in these beautiful laundry-mobiles. Three years ago, our drivers were driving their personal cars – like Uber drivers. But, not anymore!


From donations to local charities and free wash days to support our neighbors, we set out to make the a difference in our communities. In Austin & Houston, we appreciate how welcomed we’ve been.


What started as three founders as the only staff members is now over 20 employees – which includes production staff, drivers, support, and admin roles.


Laundry is tricky! Everyone has their own preferences. And, over the last three years, we’ve expanded your ability to customize all of your laundry preferences – including hang dry.


There’s an app for everything! And, we were happy to finally release our app in September 2019. But, it wasn’t always this easy. In March 2017, we took just as many phone call orders as we did on our website.

The evolution of a ‘Factory Report’

The Factory Report is a cornerstone to our production process. From it’s inception, it’s purpose it to show you exact treatment that your clothing received – with a human touch. Doing all this laundry is tricky! But, we always want you to know that your preferences and notes are being closely paid attention to. Here is the evolution of our Factory Report from May 2017, March 2018, and September 2019.

May 2017

March 2018

September 2019

Our flyers ahve seen some upgrades too!

What started as a replacement for the community laundry rooms in tight apartment complexes has evolved into a full-service laundry & dry cleaning solution for not only apartment-dwellers but also homeowners and businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve found that no matter how you use it, delivery laundry service helps everyone lighten the load.

And, we toned down the orange a bit too…

May 2017

September 2019

Thanks for your support!

What started in a 1,000 square foot aluminum building on Thornton Road is now over 6,000 square feet in two cities – covering 38 zip codes and thousands of customers. Here are some throwback images from along the way.

Ready to get started on the next three years?

Thank you for the continued support! – All of us @ The Folde