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We love this new Braeswood laundry delivery service!

Customer Spotlight: Ben D in Braeswood, TX

Well, I’ve found a new hobby – ordering laundry delivery service from The Folde.

Since my family and I moved to Braeswood, we’ve seen it grow like crazy. Seriously, if you’re from around here, you know what I mean. Some people complain but I absolutely love the new conveniences that come with the city’s development.

Recently, I was told by a friend about the company, The Folde. She sent my wife and I their Instagram page. They had great reviews so I was super bummed when my wife and I found out they didn’t service Braeswood. We signed up on the waiting list while we keep doing our laundry ourselves – wasting countless Sundays. Ok, maybe it was only a couple of Sundays but that is not the point.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Braeswood Laundry Delivery
The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Braeswood Laundry Delivery

Then, The Folde opened their Braeswood laundry delivery service in our neighborhood!

It’s been three weeks and I am speechless. My clothes come separated from my wife’s clothes and both or our laundry comes separated from the kids clothes. I don’t waste any time on laundry and I certainly don’t waste any time putting the clothes away. Since the laundry is separated and grouped by size, we literally just divide out the inner bags to drawers in the house and move on with our day. It literally only takes seconds.

I’ve never seen a fitted sheet folded better. The sheet sets look like they’re straight out of the packaging. And, who knew I could get so excited about a fitted sheet.

The best part – it only costs us about $50 per week!

The Folde now services all of Houston with laundry delivery service. At first, I even offered to pay more for them to open service to Braeswood sooner. Instead, they rolled out Braeswood laundry delivery service to us at the same price, same scheduling availability, and same quality service as the rest of Houston. Not bad, guys.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Braeswood Laundry Delivery

How does Braeswood laundry delivery work?

It’s simple. I created my laundry account with a couple of clicks. In doing this, you’ll select your treatment preferences like detergent, laundry softeners, hanging preferences, bleach, etc. You can even leave notes on special treatment. We like our gym clothes and delicates air dried – so we chose this for an extra $5.

We get a text the evening before reminding us to leave the laundry out for the driver to pickup. I read that you can leave it out for them and don’t need to be home – however with the COVID work from home life, we kept the bag inside until the driver showed up. With the text message notifications, it’s super simple.

They give you your own, personalized laundry bags to separate your laundry and dry cleaning. Again, working from home doesn’t create much dry cleaning for us so we have only been using the laundry delivery – not the dry cleaning delivery. But the dry cleaning is good to have for when life gets back to normal and we jump back into weddings and work conferences.

They took care of the rest. When it get’s delivered, I was kept up to date with app notifications, text messages, and even a photo of the laundry delivered at the door.

I can’t recommend them enough. Their customer support team has been very helpful with getting our recurring schedule set up and the drivers are always polite and well-informed – not your typical pizza delivery drivers.

Learn more about Braeswood laundry delivery service with The Folde!

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