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How a Buda laundry pickup saved my summer. Now I’m spoiled!

Customer Spotlight: Lindsay J in Buda, TX

My washing machine broke a week into COVID quarantine – great.

Washing machines break. It’s not the end of the world. Except, this time it seemed like it might be. In between balancing this new virtual school thing for my kids, my own work moving remote, and Buda’s Stay-At-Home guidelines, this one hurt more than usual. On top of that, manufacturer replacements were scheduled for 3-4 month delays.

I was seconds away from accepting that my family would be ok as the smelly family for the next couple of months. And, I was minutes away from a nervous breakdown…

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Buda Laundry Pickup

Step 1: I watched my laundry pile keep getting bigger and bigger…

Then, my friend told me about an option for Buda laundry pickup service from The Folde!

Their Google reviews were incredible. And, even if they weren’t – what are my other options?

Well, this service is so awesome I might just cry! In a house with little ones, we were doing a load of laundry on the weekdays and 4+ loads of laundry on the weekends. Not an ideal time for a washer to go out, right?

Their Buda laundry pickup service has been nothing short of amazing. Pickups and deliveries have always been on time – with regular updates through text message and the app. The actual laundry itself couldn’t be better! Everything is always packaged professionally and ready to put away – even separating our our kids clothes in easy to handle bundles.

And, in a pinch, I pay a little extra for next day service. The pickup can be scheduled the same day. So, I have my laundry delivered back almost as fast as I could do it myself – in a world where I actually have a functional washing machine.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Buda Laundry Pickup

Step 2: I packed my laundry together for my scheduled laundry pickup.

Now that my replacement washing machine has arrived, I’m spoiled.

Even with our replacement washing machine, we send out towels and linens every week. That alone cuts down the laundry I wash to just over two loads per weekend. It is unbelievably easy! The drivers are super nice and the laundry was done perfectly.

We are full time working family of 5 with 3 kiddos- all 6 and under. This service is a God-sent! They are the only reason we function with regularly cleaned, folded, and actually put away clothes. Worth every penny for our sanity.

I’ll never go back to tackling laundry alone. My weekly Buda laundry pickup is a life-saver – with or without my washing machine.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Buda Laundry Pickup

Step 3: My clean clothes were delivered – looking better than I could have ever done myself.

Is this your first Buda laundry pickup?

We get it! This whole pick-up and delivery laundry concept is new. Learn the ins-and-outs of laundry delivery service in our What to Expect guide below.

Reasons to consider scheduling a Buda laundry pickup:

  • Pickup & Delivery

    Laundry service is now picked up and delivered straight to your front door!

  • Perfect Packaging

    What good is laundry service if your clothes come back wrinkled and messy?

  • Hang & Steam

    We hang and steam all of your collared shirts, dresses, & blouses!

  • Full-time, W2 Staff

    It’s important to know who is doing your laundry. No contractors or Uber drivers.

  • Custom Preferences

    Choose from our options so your laundry is cared for exactly as you like it.

  • One Click Ordering

    No more sorting, washing, and folding. Schedule service with only one click.

    Ready to schedule your Buda laundry pickup?

    The Folde’s Buda laundry pickup is available 7 days a week with options for scheduling mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

    Buda Laundry Pickup | The Folde Delivery App