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The Folde | Wash and Fold Laundry Service | Austin & Houston, TX

The Folde listed as one of top dry cleaners by Cleaning Service Reviewed

The Folde was listed as one of the top dry cleaners in Austin, Texas by Cleaning Service Reviewed in their 7 Best Options for Dry Cleaners in Austin.

Amanda from Cleaning Service Reviewed writes “The Folde is a full-service laundry wash-and-fold and dry cleaning startup in Austin, Texas. Their works aims to inspire freedom by leaving your laundry to their care while you spend your time doing what you love. The key to The Foldeā€™s success is their consistency. They have set time for pick up and delivery, while sending reminders to customers, to save time and effort to everybody. Their flat-rate pricing likewise makes laundry and dry cleaning predictable as well as affordable.

Booking this all-inclusive laundry service is as simple as clicking a button. Plus, they also offer extra perks to businesses who want to lighten the load of their employees through a hassle-free laundry program.”

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