Commercial Laundry Tips For Massage Table Linens

Caring for your massage table linens is important for client retention and also for inventory management. Here are some commercial laundry tips for massage table linens.

One of the easiest ways to set your massage business apart from competitors is by having the softest, cleanest, and most comfortable massage table linens. To learn more about caring for your linens with ease, we’ve prepared our list of professional laundry tips for massage table linens.

6 Commercial Laundry Tips Massage Table Linens

Massage table linens are just as important for a great massage experience as the table itself. Below are 6 easy ways to keep your massage table linens in tip-top shape months after your original purchase.

#1: Be Mindful of Massage Sheet Material

No massage table linen performs exactly the same way, which is why it is important to choose your material wisely. While it might be tempting to purchase the most inexpensive material, higher-quality linens with proper treatment are made to last much longer than solely cotton. One great linen to consider for an easier clean, better wrinkle protection, and long shelf life is a cotton-synthetic blend.

#2: Wash Massage Sheets and Towels Separately

The first step in caring for your massage table linens is to always wash new linens before use. This is because these linens might be carrying potentially harmful toxins from the manufacturing or shipping process. These should always be removed before any client’s use.

Do you think it’s ok to wash your towels with your sheets? Think again! Their thickness can affect how long they take to dry in the dryer. Linens, a lighter weight, will dry faster than towels, which are obviously thicker. This means either towels won’t dry fully–which could lead to the formation of mold or mildew–or sheets will be over-dried resulting in damage and shortening their lifespan. Washing massage linens with towels can also mean that your sheets end up covered in lint, changing its appearance and texture, and damaging its lifeline.

#3: Stay On Top Of Massage Sheet Stains

Massage oil and lotion stains are nearly unavoidable on your frequently used massage linens. In order to prevent these stains from ruining the appearance of your linens, it is important to tackle these stains head-on, ideally within 24 hours. A few best practices for stain removal include:

  • Always pat, not rub, stains dry as soon as you notice them seeping onto the sheets
  • Pre-treat stains before washing your sheets with the help of baking soda, stain remover, or soaking the sheets in water mixed with detergent
  • While cleaning away stains, always use warm water with a cold rinse as opposed to hot water

#4: Steer Clear Of Harsh Chemicals

While crisp and bright white sheets are the epitome of a relaxing massage experience, this shouldn’t be accomplished with the use of harsh bleaching agents. Overall, bleach decreases your sheet’s durability and can be harmful to your clients if it isn’t properly rinsed from the fabric. Instead of bleach, one easy tip for brightening sheets and reducing odors is by mixing vinegar in your final rinse.

You’ll also want to avoid harsh chemicals on your massage table linens to keep your customers happy. Is the detergent you are using hypoallergenic or specifically for sensitive skin?

You never know when someone could have a reaction to the type of detergent you use. Instead of risking someone getting sick or breaking out in hives from the laundry service you use, opt for one that’s gentle on skin. The easiest ones usually contain natural ingredients. Allergic reactions to laundry detergents are becoming more and more common. Most people can prevent laundry detergent rashes by using fragrance- and dye-free detergents.

#5: Manage a Balanced Inventory to Prevent Uneven Wear

First in, first out is the inventory management theory we recommend to prevent uneven wear on your sheets. If you have a stack of 10 massage table linen sets and you use 8 each week, there are two possibilities:

You place the 8 used sheets on top of the 2 clean sheets once you catch up on laundry. This means the same 8 sheets are getting used and accumulating wear and tear while your two unused sheets never get used. This creates an uneven balance and will create ordering headaches. This is known as last-in, first-out inventory management.

Instead, try to stack your clean linens first-in, first-out. This means that those 8 cleaned linens get added to the bottom of the pile and the first two linens you use next are the two previously unused linens. With this strategy, all massage table linens have even wear and tear.

#6: Preventative Maintenance With A Commercial Laundry Service

One of the greatest investments you can make for your massage business is outsourcing your laundry to a commercial laundry service. Not only does outsourcing save yourself hours of completing laundry loads, but a laundry service also has the proper cleaning methods and equipment in place for a better clean and a wrinkle-free dry.

Commercial Laundry Service Made Easy With The Folde

Ready to keep your massage table linens in the best shape of their life? Look no further than The Folde. Working with our business laundry services is a surefire way to elevate your massage linens to the next level of cleanliness and quality today!

Commercial Laundry Tips for Massage Table Linens