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Commitment to Clean

Things are changing. But, we know the importance of staying clean & staying healthy isn’t. And neither is our mission to make laundry day as easy and accessible as possible.

This starts by keeping our staff, our customers, and our equipment safe during COVID-19.

Our Staff:

  • We have restructured our production hours to comply with the 10 person limit on gatherings in both Austin & Houston, TX. This means we have the same amount of staff working over the course of the day but fewer people in our facility at a time.
  • All employees are wearing gloves throughout the entire production process.
  • We reinforced the techniques used to clean our machines and equipment after use. In particular, we are paying special attention to interior drums and exterior touchpoints which extend to your laundry bags and laundry tags.
  • Drivers are making “Leave at the Door” deliveries to minimize their contact with customers. With that, you will be notified when the driver is on the way and again when the clothes are delivered – including a picture message of the delivered clothes. Learn more about responsible pickup and delivery tips here.
  • We’ve added option for you to tip our staff with your next order. Tips are pooled and split between all employees – including production attendants, warehousers staff, and delivery drivers. Over the last few weeks and moving forward, our staff has served as day-savers for many without other options for laundry service. With the release of the tipping option, please consider tipping above and beyond to reflect the extra effort of everyone that helped with your order.

Our Customers:

  • For apartment tenants: For apartment tenants without access to private washers & dryers, the only options are public laundromats & community laundry rooms. To help you avoid these, we’ve lowered the price of our unlimited laundry & dry cleaning plan for apartment residents from $250/mo to $159/mo. Learn more here.
    • Updated 6/24/20: The Apartment Subscription is no longer eligible in Houston and is available with limited capacity in Austin.
  • For homeowners: You’re home a bit more than usual now. And, maybe that means you use laundry to pass the time. We’re here to help as usual. And, for linens, towels, & comforters that need to be cleaned now more than ever, we’re adding a coupon on all linen-only bags that you can’t process at home. Learn more here.
  • For businesses: Our small business customers – gyms, restaurants, spas, & Airbnb rentals – are all being impacted. As a local, small business ourself, our thoughts are with you. We will keep all business pricing in place once your business is allowed to open again. Your first order is on us when that day comes. Contact us here.

Our Equipment:

  • We have always and will continue to clean all of our equipment with commercial-grade disinfectant.
  • With growing concerns about the potential spread of the virus, be ensured that the laundering and dry cleaning process does, in fact, eliminate bacteria/germs on your garments. As the case with other viruses, laundering in hot water, 160 degrees F, and chlorine bleach is an effective method for sanitizing laundry. If hot water and chlorine bleach are not safe for the items then laundering with a disinfectant product is an option. The CDC states that laundering with detergent alone is also an effective method.
  • Harvard Health notes that the virus is more likely to survive on hard services than softer ones like clothing fabric. However, our equipment and production staff will continue to wear gloves and sanitize surfaces as usual. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests washing clothing items using the warmest appropriate water setting and making sure to dry them completely. Also, we will be cleaning and disinfecting hampers and laundry bags/tags.

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