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A Delicate Laundry Service You Can Trust

Laundromats and laundry services get a bad wrap for not handling your delicates delicately. We’re introducing a new Delicates Bag as part of our delicate laundry service!

Delicate Laundry Service | The Folde | Wash & Fold Laundry Delivery

Delicate Laundry Bag

This Delicates Bag is a $25 flat-rate bag for your delicate laundry.

It’s perfect for your wash & fold garments that need gentle wash and low-temperature or air dry. For some people, it’s a few pairs of their favorite jeans. For others, it’s bras, underwear, and leggings. The garments in this bag are getting specialized and separated treatment from the rest of your order.

Delicate Laundry Service

  1. Schedule a Pickup: Create your laundry account and select your treatment preferences. You can even leave notes on special treatment for our team! Remember, our goal is to make laundry day as easy as possible for you. From our drivers to our production team, your clothes are in good hands!

  2. On Pickup Day: On laundry day, you’ll get your own, personalized laundry bags. These bags are yours to keep! Just in case, we’ll remind you the night before and then again on the day of your service to make sure you don’t forget.

  3. On Delivery Day: We’re experts in delicate laundry service! When your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready for delivery, one of our The Folde delivery drivers will return them at your designated drop-off location.
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Delicate Laundry Tips

Here are some delicate laundry tips – whether you wash your laundry yourself or use a delicate laundry service like The Folde.

Delicate Bag for Laundry Service | The Folde | Gentle Wash Laundry Service

Delicate Laundry

Tips for Delicate Laundry

Washing your delicate laundry doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some laundry tips for washing delicate clothes.

Delicates Bag for Laundry | The Folde | Laundry Service

Best Detergents

Our Top 5 List

Some detergents are designed to provide extra care for a specific fabric. Here is how you find the best laundry detergent.

Wash and Fold Laundry Service | The Folde | Laundry Delivery Service

Fabric Softener

Don’t Use Softener on Delicates!

Fabric softener on delicates? You may think that fabric softener would be a good choice to use on your delicates, but it usually isn’t…

The Folde Laundry Service Bags | Delivery Laundry | Laundry Service

Washing Temps

Permanent Press vs. Delicate Cycle

We’ve all seen the different cycle settings on our washing machines, but how many of us actually understand what it means?

Delicates Bag for Laundry | The Folde | Laundry Service

Drying Delicates

Wash Your sheets & towels separately

How to carefully dry your delicate laundry. You don’t want your athletic wear to shrink and you don’t want your leggings to fade…

The Folde | Delicate Laundry Bag | Laundry Delivery Service

Tips for Resale

Delicate Laundry Tips for Resellers

Vintage is IN! That makes for a great market for clothing resale. But, resale is hard enough without worrying about laundry problems

Find a laundry service you can trust with your delicate laundry!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is how we help our delicate laundry service customers:

Allen C. – Facebook

“The Folde’s delivery laundry service has made things so easy! I never worry about getting the clean laundry back. It’s always delivered right on time and perfectly cared for!”

Jennifer A. – Yelp

“The Folde handles my leggings, underwear, bras, and spandex in a separate Delicates Laundry Bag. This is my laundry that I don’t want to shrink! So, I pack it separately!”

Mark D. – Google

“I’ve tried a couple of really expensive laundry services and none of them have the attention to detail like The Folde. My wife just fills up the bag and leaves it on the front porch every week – like clockwork.”

A Laundry Service You Can Trust

Unlike other delivery options, we own and operate our production facilities. We know laundry; we don’t just resell your order to a random laundromat.

Our drivers and laundry pros are professional, full-time W2 employees. No contractors, no gig-workers, no unlivable wages, and no confusion about who is actually doing your laundry.

The Folde | Delicate Laundry Service | Delivery Laundry Service

Want $10 off your first order?

In addition to your $10 off coupon code, we’ll send you tips from the pros on how to manage your laundry-life balance!

Ready to get started a delicate laundry service you can trust?

Delicate laundry service in Austin & Houston, Texas.

Delicates Bag for Laundry | The Folde | Delicate Laundry Service
The Folde | Laundry Delivery Service | Delicate Laundry Service
Delicate Bag for Laundry Service | The Folde | Delicate Laundry Service