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Delivery Dry Cleaning

Houston, TX Delivery Dry Cleaning Price List

Dry Cleaning

  • Shirt. Scarf. Belt.

    Includes Launder & Press Shirts.

  • Blouse. Shorts. Skirt. Tie.

    Dry Cleaned or Laundered & Pressed.

  • Jacket. Pants. Casual Dress. Blouse. Sweater. Vest.

    Dry Cleaned.

  • Floor Length Dress. Duster.

    Dry Cleaned.

  • Formal Dress. Trench Coat. Winter Coat.

    Dry Cleaned.

  • Wedding Dress.

    Dry Cleaned. 7-Day Turnaround. $135 Minimum.

  • Order Minimum

    Dry Cleaning Orders Under $25 Subject to Order Minimum


  • Pillow Case. Napkin. Placemat.

    Laundered & Pressed. REQUIRES 3 DAY TURNAROUND.

  • Couch Cover.

    Requires 3 Day Turnaround.

  • Curtain. Sheet. Table Cloth. Duvet.

    Dry Cleaned or Laundered & Pressed. REQUIRES 3 DAY TURNAROUND.

  • Comforter.

    Requires 3 Day Turnaround. (Down Comforter +$25)

How do you get started with dry cleaning delivery?

Create an account by downloading our app for either iOS or Android devices, If you do not want to download the app, you can still order online.

Enter your contact information, set your cleaning preferences, detail your preferred location for pickups and deliveries, add your payment information, and schedule your first pickup.

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