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Why Our Laundry Service Loves Frey Laundry Detergent

As a laundry service, we know laundry detergents! We always get asked for recommendations. So, what’s our favorite? It’s Frey laundry detergent. Here’s why…

Why Is Frey Laundry Detergent Our Favorite?

Big box and grocery store laundry detergents are easy to find and they’re inexpensive. There is a reason these soaps are relatively inexpensive. They are mass-produced in large facilities using industrial, low-cost ingredients. These ingredients can include heavy fragrance, unhealthy parabens, synthetic dyes, and a host of other chemicals that are not good for your clothes or your skin. These ingredients can disrupt our endocrine system and may even be carcinogenic.

With the world becoming more and more health-conscious, there has been a wave of boutique laundry detergents popping up online. With so many labels, certifications, complicated limited or beneficial ingredients, and an array of marketing strategies, how do you narrow down the options?

It’s would be hard for you to test them all. But, for us, it’s easy!

As a laundry service, we know laundry. We know chemicals. And, we know detergents.

Our favorite is Frey Laundry Detergent. Here’s why…

Frey Laundry Detergent Kit | Laundry Service Reviews | The Folde Laundry Service
Laundry Detergent Reviews

The Classic Package

Keep it simple to start – just detergent and dryer sheets in any of the four scent options. Contains 50 concentrated loads of detergent, 50 loads of fabric conditioner, (16oz each), 40 dryer sheets.

Frey Laundry Detergent Kit | Laundry Service Reviews | The Folde Laundry Service
Laundry Service Detergent Reviews

The Complete Package

Do you use fabric softener too? The Complete Package included a 50-wash count of fabric softener too. 50 concentrated loads of detergent, 50 loads of fabric conditioner, (16oz each), 40 dryer sheets.

Why Does Our Laundry Service Love Frey Laundry Detergent?

Keeping People & the Planet Healthy

Frey Laundry Detergent goes above and beyond to try and make things better, not only for their customers but for the environment.

When Frey Laundry Detergent got into the laundry and personal care industry, they made a conscious choice to create sustainable products that are safe for their customers and benefit the world at the same time. That sounds like a lot, right? But Frey has found a way to do it.

First, by making their products with natural ingredients. Frey has identified a formula that cleans clothes and makes them durable while going easy on your senses. Although they offer some stunning scents, each fragrance is curated with essential oils that won’t overwhelm you like leading laundry detergents do.

After all, a scent should invite curiosity, not overpower those around you.

Frey has also paid special attention to the environment to make sure their products don’t do harm. Biodegradable, natural ingredients break down easily. They’ve skipped synthetics, parabens, and animal testing as well, so you can be sure you’re truly doing no harm by choosing this detergent.

And to push their agenda even further, for every order Frey plants one tree. They’ve chosen to not only protect but strengthen the environment.

Why Does Our Laundry Service Love Frey Laundry Detergent?

Simple Design, Big Impact

Visually, Frey Laundry Detergent’s laundry line is incredibly calming to look at. With borderline-pastel colors and simple packaging, you can take a deep breath and be sure you’re investing in the product, not the marketing.

The detergent itself comes in a concentrated formula, cutting down on the size of the bottle and eventual waste. It’s compatible with high-efficiency systems and works great with cold water.

Each detergent has a curated blend of over twelve scents to come up with its unique fragrance. Frey Laundry Detergent has done a great job of identifying not only the standout notes, but the “feel” you’ll get from each. For example, their cedarwood/oakmoss/amber detergent is identified as a bold, warm fragrance; on the other hand the jasmine/rose/white cedar is a sweet and gentle scent.

If you aren’t sure which of the three varieties to go with, you can check out their 3-Variety Pack for a lower price. Once you narrow it down to your favorite, you have the option to subscribe and save even more with each order.

For those with sensitive skin and/or noses, Frey also offers an unscented option, Free + Clear. They’re conscious that even the most natural scents can cause irritation, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for clean clothes.

Why Does Our Laundry Service Love Frey Laundry Detergent?

Innovation in the Mix

You’ve heard of dryer sheets, but have you ever heard of laundry sheets?

Frey has designed their own very specific laundry product meant to cut down on waste, add convenience, and change the way you do laundry.

Detergent sheets come in small boxes, so no plastic is used or wasted in their packaging. They’re vegan, waterless, and derived from plants. Frey has estimated that manufacturing detergent sheets cuts down on 90% of carbon emissions – it’s hard to argue against that statistic if you’re environmentally conscious when it comes to your laundry and products.

As with the detergent, these sheets come in three different scents. Unfortunately “unscented” isn’t an option here. The sheets and the box they come in are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Each box contains 50 sheets; one for each load.

If you’re interested in innovating the way you do laundry, Frey’s laundry detergent sheets may be just the product you’ve been looking for.

Why Does Our Laundry Service Love Frey Laundry Detergent?

Making it Personal

If you’ve tried Frey Laundry Detergent and love it or just want to take a deep dive after reading all of the reasons why Frey goes above and beyond, the company also offers an impressive array of bundles. Because in reality, detergent isn’t always enough when it comes to your laundry.

Aside from the detergent two-pack Frey has put together bundles that include their laundry detergent sheets, fabric softeners, fabric boosters, and dryer sheets. Whatever combination you can imagine or dream of, they likely have – including a year’s supply.

Frey Laundry Detergent goes the extra step with travel kits, stain removers, and wrinkle releasers. No matter what your clothing situation, they have a product to fit your needs right then and there.

Frey Laundry Detergent

We use Frey Laundry Detergent and we think you should give it a try too!

As a company, they’re incredibly environmentally conscious and work hard to ensure their products do no harm. They’ve taken the extra step to benefit the environment wherever they can and manufacture products that are biodegradable and made from natural ingredients.

And that’s good for you, too!

As conscious of their customers as they are of the earth, Frey Laundry Detergent has curated a variety of unique scents and products that won’t irritate your skin or nose. Clothes maintain their durability and come out fresh and clean.

If you’re buying big box and grocery store laundry detergents, the switch can be intimidating. But, we think your clothes will thank us! Start simple with their liquid laundry detergent or laundry detergent sheets, and if you fall in love, give some of their other products a try!

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