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What Makes a Great Laundromat Experience?

Floors so clean that you want to sit and read a book on them? Unlikely. But, you can put in extra effort to create a memorable laundromat experience for your local laundromat customers.

Are you really creating the best laundromat experience for your customer?

When you put in extra effort to maintain the upkeep of your laundromat, it will be reflected in customer acquisition and loyalty. It’s your competitive advantage.

As it doesn’t take much to craft an excellent laundromat experience, read on for our tips on providing the best laundromat experience possible for your laundromat customers.

Enhance the Environment

Nobody wants to launder their clothes in a dark, dirty, and dingy laundromat. Be sure to keep it clean! Cleanliness will immediately impact the comfort of all customers. Already have a clean laundromat? Consider spending up on aesthetics such as branded wall decor, new flooring, tiling, etc. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way!

Similar to a coffee shop atmosphere, you may want a ceiling speaker for gentle background music and tables with chairs for people who wish to linger and/or work while their clothes are being laundered. If you want to go above and beyond, some laundromat owners find success in providing refreshments or snacks for laundromat customers. Not into that? A vending machine for those who want a pick-me-up can also be a source of extra revenue.

Give your laundromat customers a quiet, clean, and safe environment and you’re doing a better job than most looking to offer a good laundromat experience.

Modern, High-Quality Machines

Realistically, laundromat customers looking for a positive laundromat experience don’t want to stay in your laundromat longer than they have to. By investing in high-quality machines, you will be improving their laundromat experience by making their trip to the laundromat fast and efficient. Also, by investing in eco-friendly equipment that saves water and reduces waiting time, you can save money on your business’ utility bill, and market your business as environmentally sustainable which will strongly appeal to today’s environmentally conscious customers. It’s a win-win!

Having machines with modern payment systems that accept credit or debit cards, your business will better service the younger college-going demographic who typically do not carry much change on-the-go, and benefit from other perks that make bookkeeping a breeze for your business.

Digital Savviness

Laundromats are traditional brick-and-mortar establishments notorious for a lack of digital presence, whether it be on the web or social media. When the pandemic displaced the need for laundromats, the importance of having a digital presence was stressed to the max – digital marketing was an essential medium for advertising with potential customers and retaining past ones.

To update your customers on times, hours, website, and location, claim a Google My Business listing so your business will appear when local customers search keywords pertaining to your service offering. Maintain a functioning website and social media accounts, on various platforms with content geared toward your target audience. Be creative with targeting your local target audience; you may want to consider search engine marketing, local SEO, partnering with other local businesses, etc.

The Best Laundromat Perks

If you’re ready to go above and beyond with providing the best possible laundromat experience to your customers, consider unmatched perks like free Wi-Fi (a must-have for attracting patrons), an ironing station, comfortable chairs, computers and TVs, snacks/refreshments, a children’s play area, etc.

By crafting the grudgeful chore of laundry into a consistently enjoyable experience, your patrons will thank you with their loyalty and by spreading the buzz about your business through word-of-mouth – a cost-free, but the most highly effective form of marketing.