Hotel Sheets Hack for Airbnb Hosts

Stick around as we go through the three best hotel sheets for Airbnb rentals.

Nothing is better than getting to bed and feeling in the clouds. And it is that, when one goes on vacation to a hotel or rental house, what he most longs for is the bed. Choosing the best hotel sheets for Airbnb rentals is always a question, but this article makes everything straightforward. The most important thing is that it is highly durable, affordable, hotel quality, and very comfortable.

We want to simplify and help you choose the best hotel sheets for Airbnb, so we offer to give you an insightful report on the topic. A perfectly made bed with white sheets gives a feeling of being in the clouds, even regardless of the color. That is why we avoid colors because there is nothing like a perfect bed.

The best hotel sheets are the ones that are comfortable and durable. They should be soft, breathable, and absorbent. The best hotel sheets for Airbnb are not only made of 100% cotton, but they also have a high thread count. This thread count is essential for durability and longevity. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric will feel on your skin.

Hotel sheets should also be breathable and absorbent so that they can keep you cool during the night when it’s warm outside or keep you warm when it’s cold outside. So stick around as we go through the three best hotel sheets for Airbnb rentals.

Top 3 Best Hotel Sheets for Airbnb Hosts

Hotel sheets are an essential thing to have. When a person goes to a hotel, what excites him the most is getting to bed and going to bed? That is why hotels must have the best sheets that offer pleasure, softness, and comfort.

It is essential to know that there are several types of sheets and that the composition and threading are of the utmost importance. The sheets we mentioned below are 100% hotel quality, excellent wholesale prices, and the best customer service in the country. The top three best hotel sheets for Airbnb rentals are:

  1. GhostSheets
  2. SFERRA Grande Hotel King Sheet Set
  3. Hotel Sateen Sheet Set


GhostSheet is made from premium Supima cotton, blended with a range of cooling and ecologically friendly fibers to create a unique product. It utilizes the TENCEL® fibers in the production of this material. As a result of its ability to swiftly dry sweat, TENCEL® plant-based fibers enable you to breathe more readily while sleeping on them. Additionally, it is resistant to infections and allergens, allowing you to sleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed.

GhostSheet’s regular customers frequently refer to them as “the world’s coolest sheets,” which they certainly are. It is not a fabrication that this sheet has been given this title due to its low prices and high-quality linens. The GhostSheet is one of our best sheets for Airbnb rentals because of its high level of quality and durability.

Because GhostSheet is very durable and its Supima cotton can withstand several piles of washing, it is an excellent choice for an Airbnb rental home. After many years in my possession, it retains its original shape and feels and its actual comfort level. In terms of comfortable and fashionable bedding, there is no better place to look than the United States, where the GhostSheets was produced.

Sleeping with GhostSheets provides many advantages, including comfort and elegance. GhostSheets are comprised of a silky-smooth fabric that is both comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. Using cotton and fiber, you will be able to sleep comfortably and stay calm at all times throughout the night.

In addition to their lightweight and airy feel, the TENCEL® sheets are perfect to use all year round. They’re also 50 percent more absorbent than traditional cotton sheets. Our 2″ GhostGrip elastic band around the fitted sheet and our big top sheet ensure that everything stays in place throughout the night. Washing your sheets on a cold or warm cycle and laying them out to dry can help to preserve the fibers, color, and flexibility of the fabric. Low heat and a low tumble cycle are recommended for keeping your sheets as flexible and crisp as they possibly may be.

You no longer have to choose between cooling TENCEL® sheets and luscious Supima cotton sheets when it comes to bedding. This first premium performance sheet set from GhostBed offers the best of both worlds in one package. Combining two of the most delicate fabrics available on the market will result in the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

SFERRA Grande Hotel King Sheet Set

In addition to being machine washable, the high-quality construction of SFERRA’s goods ensures that they will last for a long time between washings. A white sheet is embroidered in the color of your choosing on the front and back. There is no satin stitching on the panel bed skirts, and they feature a raw hem with no pleating. Italian spinners produce this 100% Egyptian cotton percale in Italy, which is made in the country of its origin.

When SFERRA designed the Grand Hotel series, they took inspiration from the world’s most luxurious five-star hotels. The result is an instant classic. Grand Hotel bedding is the most incredible alternative for outfitting your main bedroom or establishing a welcoming guest room. In plenty at the Grand Hotel are style, quality, and value in equal measures.

The duplicate rows of satin stitching on crisp percale sheets, duvet covers, pillows, and shams are woven to withstand repeated washings. It offers fitted panels with a simple hem in White and Ivory for our bed skirts in two sizes. Because of the extensive range of color possibilities available on white or ivory, you’ll be able to choose a pair that precisely complements your decor. This sheet is a perfect choice for Airbnb hosts due to its several features, and why including it in our list for best hotel sheets for Airbnb rentals is essential.

Hotel Sateen Sheet Set

These sheets are a fantastic deal at this price point and help you set a savings of around $30. Our silky-soft Hotel Sateen Sheet Set, which you can see at hundreds of premium inns and hotels around the country, will give your bedroom a professional appeal.

These 400 thread count sateen sheets and pillowcases are made from excellent 100 percent combed cotton, giving them a smooth touch and gloss that will last for years. Exceptional quality, with a wrinkle-resistant and shrinkage-controlled finish, distinguishes these sheets and makes them belong to the list. With a bedroom that rivals a five-star hotel, your visitors will undoubtedly feel welcomed and pampered throughout their visit.

Two rows of double satin stitching adorn the flat sheet and pillowcases (White with choice of colored satin stitch; Ivory available with Ivory satin stitch only). All-around elastic keeps the 16″ pocket fitted sheets in place, available exclusively in plain White or Solid Ivory. Cuddledown is the only importer of this item. According to STANDARD 100, the product has been tested for hazardous chemicals. It is one of the best sheets for Airbnb rentals because you will get a set of one sheet and two pillowcases.


Our sales consultants can help you choose the best option for your home and Airbnb, or you can buy it through our website since our qualities are undoubtedly the best.

We have everything you need to make the beds in your house: pillows, sheets, pillow-top, duvet, duvet cover, and quilts. We also have two qualities that fit your budget. The Sheets listed in the articles are the best among their set with a 400 thread count and 100% cotton.

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