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The Folde | Delivery Laundry Service | Austin & Houston, TX

Houston Laundry Delivery: The Folde Expands to Across Texas

Houston Laundry Delivery from The Folde

The Folde has officially launched in Houston, TX! The popular Austin-based laundry and dry cleaning delivery service is now available to Houston residents. The Folde offers a full-service laundry & dry cleaning solution with a variety of different options to fit the needs of a wide demographic – ranging from parents & families to young professionals & college students.

How Houston Laundry Delivery Works:

All ordering is done on the easy-to-use app. Once scheduled, customers are prompted to leave their dirty clothes in The Folde bags outside their door. The Folde provides different bags for the customer to differentiate treatment – including dry cleaning, hang dry, and regular wash & fold. As a premium service, the entire process is completely customizable and all clothes are handled with extreme attention to detail. When placing an order in the app, options are presented to choose the type of detergent, softener, and bleach as well as different folding and hanging options.

Houston Delivery Laundry Service | The Folde

Laundry is priced at a flat rate by the size of the wash and fold bag starting at $30. The flat-rate prices make pricing predictable, affordable, and easy to budget for – eliminating the variability and sticker shock of traditional, per-pound pricing. The company urges customers to “stuff your bags full; it doesn’t change the price!” Dry cleaning garments are priced per item.

Not going to be home? No problem! Most customers prefer pickup and deliver right from their doorstep. Houston laundry delivery customers are updated by text and email with photo documentation.

About The Folde:

The Folde was founded in Austin in 2017 by three college roommates who realized they wanted a service that didn’t exist.

“It didn’t exist! And, we wanted it – so we made it. An all-inclusive laundry service that at the click of a button could handle the abuse we put our clothes through on a daily basis. It needed to be somewhere between an old-school laundromat and the trendy, new delivery service apps you see everywhere these days.”

“We wanted it to be a quick & convenient service that we would use. But, we needed it to be the quality of service that our moms would use.”

For the founders, the newfound free time was about spending time with each other. But, the motivation for using the service varies in The Folde’s customer demographic – ranging from homeowners with large families to single young professionals. Regardless of the reason, The Folde is proving the be a favorite service for people looking to lighten the load. With other chores like grocery shopping, dog walking, and lawn care available at the click of a button, why not laundry?

Whether it’s a family-homeowner with a washer & dryer who needs a helping hand or a renting young professional without access to a washer and dryer, The Folde is proving that there is room at the table for laundry when considering chores to outsource online.  And, in that, the quality of the treatment and presentation is important – with The Folde doing all of the laundry production in-house, a non-traditional & capital-intensive model aimed at not only delivering convenience but also delivering a level of quality that is typically overlooked in the laundry and dry cleaning industry.

Laundry Delivery Service Austin and Houston TX

If you would like more information about The Folde or would like to speak to the founders, please contact us. If you’re interested in becoming a brand ambassador for The Folde, please apply here.

Media kit available by request.

The Folde is offering the first 100 Houston laundry delivery customers promotional pricing. To qualify for this promotional pricing celebrating the Houston, TX expansion, create an account and schedule your first laundry delivery!

Laundry Delivery Service Welcome Kit

Questions? Comments or concerns? Let us know! Feel free to reach out by email at, phone/text at 833-676-5807, or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Not into that? Browsing our FAQ page might help too!

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