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How to Dry Your Delicate Laundry

You don’t want the fabric to shrink and you don’t want the color to fade…

Have a favorite outfit that you don’t want to shrink? How about those expensive garments that you want to be extra careful with? Drying delicate clothing can be a bit daunting – simply because it’s usually laundry you want to be extra careful with.

We get it! These are your favorites. You don’t want the fabric to shrink, you don’t want the color to fade, and you don’t want the material to rip.

Delicately drying your delicate laundry is possible. The fact that you’re here puts you well ahead of most. It’s always best to resort to air-drying delicate materials, as opposed to machine drying. But you can use air-dry settings on most residential and commercial dryers. We’ve outlined some of our top tips for drying your delicates below.

How to Dry Your Delicate Laundry:

“If possible, it is always best to resort to air-drying delicate laundry.”

Let’s Talk Air Drying

If you’re here, you’re wondering, “How can I avoid the risk of shrinking a beloved piece of clothing?” “How can I dry my clothes without using a dryer?”

The best option is to allow them to air-dry. There are plenty of techniques for air-drying your delicate items, like using an outdoor clothesline or clothes drying rack.

It’s always best to begin with the most gentle possible option when it comes to drying your delicate laundry. Then, work your way up to different options if the others don’t work out for you. Air-drying your clothes is far gentler on fabrics than machine drying, and it is also more energy-efficient.

Using a machine dryer causes clothes to wear out quicker than they would if they were air-dried, due to the increased friction and heat that comes with machine drying. Drying your clothes on clothes drying racks or outdoor clotheslines can reduce the impact that comes with machine dryers. Flat drying is leaving your damp garments on a flat, perforated surface – so there is no gravity stretching your heavy, damp garment.

Air-drying also eliminates the need for dryer balls or dryer sheets by preventing static cling, so you’ll save money and minimize garment damage as well.

How to Dry Your Delicate Laundry:

“There are numerous methods available for air-drying your delicate items.”

How Can I Avoid Shrinkage?

Another great benefit of air drying is that it prevents delicate fabrics from shrinking. However, there are still ways to stop your clothes from shrinking if you’re using a machine dryer.

There is a reason why laundry instructions exist. Another important thing you can do when drying your delicate items (especially if you’re wearing expensive or irreplaceable clothing), it’s a good idea to read the tags. If you do put your delicates in the dryer, make sure to put them on the gentlest, coolest setting.

You should not put an item in the dryer if it should be hand washed or washed on the delicate cycle. This typically means that machine dryers will be too harsh for that particular material.

How to Dry Your Delicate Laundry:

“There is a reason why laundry instructions exist.”

When in Doubt, Air it Out

As a good rule of thumb, if you’re concerned at all about your clothes shrinking, tearing, or fading, it’s best to let them air dry. But, if you do use a machine dryer, just make sure to be careful and mindful. For more laundry tips and tricks, follow our blog!

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