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How To Get Massage Oil Out Of Massage Table Linens

Trying to figure out how to get massage oil out of your massage table linens? Here are 5 tips and tricks to assist you in removing these troublesome spills with ease:

5 Commercial Laundry Tips For Removing Massage Oil from your Massage Table Linens

There is nothing more unappealing for clients than laying on a massage table that appears dirty with oil stains. Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to get massage oil out of massage table linens:

#1: Tackle The Problem Fast

If you notice that massage oil has spilled on your massage sheets, it is always a good idea to treat the stain as fast as possible. When the oil is addressed while it is still wet, it is much easier to remove than a stain that has already dried and settled further into the fibers of the sheet. Furthermore, always pat the wet spill instead of rubbing it in to avoid worsening the problem at hand.

For most commercial laundry stains, laundry stain removal starts with blotting up the excess stain then rinsing the area with cold water. Remember, don’t rub the stain; this spreads the stain and pushes it deeper and deeper into the garment!

Thanks to advances in modern detergents, keeping your massage table linens blemish-free is easier than ever – simple soak, dab, and wash.

#2: Use Baking Soda and Stain Remover

Both baking soda and stain remover products are excellent products to use on an oil stain, as they both do a great job at pulling the oil from the sheet’s fibers. Let these products settle into the stain before scrubbing the problem spot.

Allow the baking soda or stain remover to work for at least fifteen minutes, then wash the sheet in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric following the guidelines on the massage sheet’s care label. After washing, inspect the stained area before tossing it into the dryer. The high heat of the dryer, especially for synthetic fabrics, can make the stain very difficult to remove. Repeat the treatment if necessary.

Stain Removers We Recommend

Act quickly with a stain remover to help remove oil stains from massage table linens.

Grandma’s Stain Remover

Laundry Stain Remover

Effective yet gentle. Grandma’s does not contain bleaching agents or leave dirt-attracting residues. You can use Grandma’s worry-free on your inventory.

Miss Mouth’s Stain Spray

Laundry Stain Remover

This lightning-fast, commercial grade formula is the perfect spot remover for quick action. Originally made for moms on the go, it is pocket-sized for immediate application.

Naturally It’s Clean

Laundry Stain Remover

These plant-based enzymes are effective because they work by attacking the source of stubborn stains for easy and quick removal while also eliminating unwanted odors.

#3: Pretreat Stain With Detergent

It is helpful to scrub the oil stain with detergent or even soak the sheet in hot water mixed with detergent before washing your sheets as you normally would. Plus, with a high-quality detergent in place, resorting to harsh chemicals like bleach isn’t usually necessary.

Note: Liquid detergents tend to work better on oil stains. When purchasing your detergents, stay away from powder or pod detergents for your massage table linens.

Laundry Detergents We Recommend

Good laundry detergents make stain removal easy!.

Dropps Laundry Pods

Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Made for sensitive skin. Comes in recyclable and compostable cardboard packaging helps reduce single-use plastic.

The Laundress – Le Labo

Make Your Laundry Smell Better

The Laundress laundry detergent blends the finest modern perfume into the brand’s best-performing detergent formula.

Charlie’s Laundry Liquid

Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Each bottle contains just four ingredients. No suds, just a deep clean that leaves your laundry fresh and soft.

#4: Hot Water Is A Must

When removing massage oil, it is essential to use the hottest water setting possible on your washer. This is because hot water is much better at breaking down the oil from the sheet than cold water ever could.

#5: Partner With A Commercial Laundry Service

If you find yourself struggling to remove massage oil alone, don’t hesitate from turning to commercial laundry services. While DIY methods can be effective for removing massage oil stains, they can only take you so far. Plus, as a massage professional, your time is money. Instead of booking extra clients, you’ll be spending time in the laundry room.

Working with a commercial laundry service ensures that your stains are removed on the very first try. Commercial laundry services have all of the professional detergents and solvents that massage table linens need to get treated quickly then return to your clean inventory circulation. And, keeping inventory in circulation is the name of the game!

The Folde Commercial Laundry Service Is Here To Help

Working with The Folde for your commercial laundry service needs takes the stress out of pesky massage oil stains on your massage table linens. Rest assured, our tried and true cleaning methods, experienced team, and high-efficiency commercial equipment will keep your massage table linens looking spotless and brand new.

Massage oil stains on your sheets will be a thing of the past! For unmatched services delivered right to your door, get started with our laundry solutions today!

How to Get Massage Oil Out of Massage Table Linens

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