How To Help Your Airbnb Guests Sleep Better

Keep your guests comfortable (and your Airbnb rating high) by following these suggestions to help your Airbnb guests sleep better without breaking the bank.

Keep Your Airbnb Rating High by Making The Beds More Comfortable!

Sleep is an essential part of a guest’s stay! It directly influences their satisfaction with an Airbnb rental. When a person or family goes on vacation, they expect to relax, rest, and rejuvenate. Their experience in your rental significantly influences those goals.

To make sure your guests’ comfort levels are high (and your Airbnb review is too) try the following suggestions to create the most relaxing and comfortable bedroom ever – without breaking the bank.

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Creating the Best Sleep Environment

A guest’s sleeping experience is a matter of several different factors: the mattress, pillows, bedding, and atmosphere:

The Bedding

Typically, bedding includes sheets, duvet, coverlet, or some other manner of blanket. The appearance of your Airbnb’s bedding is a guest’s first introduction to the place that they’ll be resting in during their stay. It’s important to supply your guests with clean and comfortable bedding. Consider choosing bedding sets that:

  • Include a cozy, appropriately weighty top blanket: A heavier cover can help a person feel held, leading to a better night’s rest.
  • Have a high thread-count: Guests plan to spend hours between your sheets. By selecting sets with higher thread counts, you’ll decrease the chances of your guests experiencing skin irritation and elevate their experience with luxurious softness.
  • Is all white: All white bedding is exceedingly easy to clean. They also emit the appearance of cleanliness, modernity, and newness.
  • Have been professionally laundered: When it comes to cleaning bed sheets and blankets, guests can tell when they were lazily thrown in with all the other laundry. By using a third party laundry service like The Folde, you’ll guarantee that your guests get the cleanest, softest linens and bed accessories.
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Sheets We Recommend

Parachute Sheets

But these can be a bit expensive. Looking for a lower cost sheet set? Try Brooklinen or American Soft Linen.

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Towels We Recommend

Parachute Towels

Towels are important. But, if you are looking to save, American Soft Linen has great prices.

The Mattress

Many first-time hosts spend countless hours decorating the inside and outside of their home. But they fail to think about the quality of the mattresses they will be providing. Well-rested guests are happy guests.

High-end hotels conduct a ton of research every year in an attempt to determine the best mattress for their guests! However, answers vary widely from person to person. And, your Airbnb doesn’t have the budget of a high-end hotel, right?

But, the best middle ground is a medium-firm mattress–it’s best to avoid any additional toppers that give it a super soft feeling that results in the guest sinking into the bed. Spring mattresses are best for durability, but you should still replace beds every 3-5 years, depending on the number of people you host in your Airbnb.

Out top three mattress choices are:

  1. Ghost Bed Luxe: They’re extremely plush and reasonably priced, and are delivered to your doorstep in normal packaging. You can order it online and have your handyman or manager bring the package inside for you. Setup is fast and easy, so you can have a new vacation rental mattress without having to travel or take time off from work.
  2. Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress: This one ships its mattresses in a similar fashion, so there is the same convenience and ease of setup. These get great reviews as well, though we’ve noticed they are more sparsely mentioned than our favorite choice and appeal to those who prefer a firmer mattress. You really can’t go wrong with either of these brands when purchasing the perfect Airbnb mattress.
  3. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress: Perfect for those on a budget!

Bonus Tip: Do you need a box spring? This varies depending on who you ask! Our answer is that you should have a box spring or mattress riser, only if the bed frame is very low to the ground. Guests shouldn’t have to work to get up out of bed…

The Pillows

You may consider offering your guest a variety of pillows to choose from, varying in material, thickness, and size. However, when it comes to creating in inviting presentation for your bed (and you should make it look inviting!), place the thickest and firmest pillows on top–down-filled pillows can appear misshapen and give the bed an uncouth appearance.

What pillows do hotels use? We’ve listed some recommendations below:

  1. Four Seasons Hotel: The Four Seasons uses a 75% White Goose Feather 25% White Goose Down Hotel Pillow which is perfect for side sleepers and neck support. We found these pillows to be thin but the perfect amount for neck support. With the pillow fill, we found the Four Seasons hotel pillows kept their shape well over time.
  2. Marriot Hotels Pillow: Which pillows do Marriott Hotels use? Marriott uses a chambered design with 70% white down and 30% natural Lyocell fibers for the outer chamber. For the inner chamber, Marriott pillows are 100% duck feather fill. The 70% down fill keeps the shape and size of the pillow for much longer.
  3. Venetian Hotel Pillows: Venetian hotel pillows are made with a chambered design having 95% feather fill for the inner chamber and 75% good down fill for the outer chamber.

Now that your guests are comfortable, it’s time to make sure you’re comfortable!

Sleep has proven time and time again to be absolutely essential for humans, and when we’re on vacation, sleep is the best way to rejuvenate. Airbnb hosts may miss out on the opportunity to earn their next great review by providing average or subpar sleeping conditions for the guests. But, keeping up with all of the Airbnb laundry and linens can be enough to, well, make you lose sleep!

The easiest way to raise your bed’s allure is by hiring a professional laundering service. The Folde can make sure that bedding that feels as new as the day it was bought, hypoallergenic cleanliness, and calming scents that can help the most restless guest drift off into a deep sleep that they’ll be forever grateful for.

Find out more about our business laundry service for Airbnb hosts.

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