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How to Make Stinky Workout Clothes Smell Fresh Again

So how do you get those persistent smell out of your workout clothes? We’ve got some surefire techniques to keep your laundry smelling fresh.

With summer right around the corner, are you ready to stink?

Everyone has had a bad experience with unwanted odors––it’s often unbearable. Whether your laundry smells from exercise, outdoor activities, food, or being left with that one wet bathing suit at the bottom of your laundry hamper, some odors can be stubborn and stick around for hours, days, or even weeks.

So how do you get that persistent smell out of workout clothes? We’ve got some surefire techniques to keep your laundry smelling fresh.

The Folde | Tips for Washing Workout Clothes | Laundry Delivery Service

What’s so stinky?

Different odors require different cleaning methods, and the same goes for the material of the clothing itself. For example, some items may be severely stained and require a pre-treatment, like a stain and odor remover, bleach, heavy-duty detergent, or DIY home remedies. Depending on the fabric and material, some items of clothing may not be suitable for washing machines and will need to be sent to a professional dry cleaner.

To properly wash your clothes and avoid any unwanted results, make sure to always read the label before washing or drying. Delicate workout clothes require specific instructions to be washed separately. Doing so will help you maintain your clothes appearance and eliminate any future accidents. Always identify both factors before attempting to remove the odor for maximum results.

When it comes to workout gear, moisture-wicking performance fabrics, which do an amazing job of sending wetness to the surface of the fabric to keep you cool and dry, tend to have extra nooks and crannies that cling to dirt and odors. Laundry detergent has a hard time penetrating those grooves, and can even trap the bad stuff in. And since performance fabrics dry super fast, you might even forget just how sweaty your clothes got.

Tips for washing your stinky workout clothes

  • Air your clothes out before tossing them in the hamper. While it might make sense to roll the sweaty workout clothes into a tiny ball and stuff them at the bottom of the hamper, this actually does much more harm than good. Spread them out and let them air out before sending them to sit in the hamper until laundry day.
  • Freeze them! Wait, what? If you don’t want to air them out, toss your workout clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer until you can wash them. The cold air prevents bacteria from growing and kills odor until you can do laundry.
  • Zip and button clothes to protect other items and your washer from getting damaged. Workout clothes are particularly delicate. While zipping them up might not help with the odor, it will keep them safer in the wash cycles.
  • Use mesh bags or laundry bags to protect your most delicate clothes. But, be careful! If you pack your workout clothes too tightly into the mesh bags, the garments will not have enough room to tumble properly. This can prevent the garment from being fully cleaned. Make sure you have enough room for tumbling in your mesh bags.
  • Avoid hot water to prevent shrinking and color bleeding. You don’t want your new LuLu’s to shrink, do you? While hot water does help with odors, it will end up shrinking your workout clothes. Select your wash cycles carefully here!
  • Avoid too much detergent! This is an important one. There is such a thing as too much detergent! If the suds are too heavy, they actually being to trap the dirt and bacteria into your garments. Be sure to let your garments breathe in the wash cycle.
  • Wash your workout clothes inside out. Flipping clothes inside out helps detergent get to work on the smelliest parts of your threads. It’s a great move to eliminate underarm and undergarment odor too.
  • Spice it up with baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar. We recommend staying away from softeners or additives. Softeners can clog the moisture-wicking fabrics. However, using a touch of baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar can be helpful in getting rid of smells.

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The Folde | Tips for Washing Workout Clothes | Laundry Delivery Service

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