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IC: Hiring Process & Documentation

Below are all of the necessary steps & links to the hiring process.

Creating Job Listing & Contact Applicants

1. Post Job Listing to Hiring Website

  • Latest Drafted Posts:
  • Download Images for Post
  • CL Credentials
    • OnePassword is updated.

2. Schedule Calendly Interviews

  • Choose applicants to send a brief introduction and Calendly link to schedule their own phone interview.
    • Brief Introduction Copy:
      • Hi, my name is {Name}. Thanks for applying to The Folde. Are you free for a quick 15-minute call sometime soon to discuss the position, your experience, and any other questions you may have? If you are interested, please use this link to schedule a call with me.
    • Calendly Link to Phone Call Interview
      • UN: Linked to @Support Google Account
      • Update in OnePassword

3. Sign Contracts & Give Access to SOPs

Onboarding & Training

4. New Hire Paperwork

New employee on-boarding is online through Square. This gets them access to Square Time Clock.

5. Training & Testing

  • Individual Training: In order to move from starting wage to full wage, the new hire must go through four days of training, one quiz, and a single order folding test.
    • Two days of The Folde shadowing for Production Training.
    • Two days of laundromat shadowing for Facility Training.
    • Incentive for Trainer and Trainee: TBD
  • Quiz – Two weeks after hiring, new hire will be given a quiz that covers both laundromat vocabulary, best practices, and The Folde production techniques.
  • After passed both, the new hire gets to move up to their full-employment wage.

6. Feedback & Discipline

  • Issue written notice
    • Have a conversation with the employee.
    • Issue Write Up

Product Development Days

One a month, we emphasize training and technique as a professional development day of sorts with the Production Team.

This day is made public on calendar and discussed with all employees as it includes a test and QC scorecard of one ore more of their orders.

Scores are given to each employee and feedback is discussed.

Managers encouraged to spend more time giving feedback on techniques to improve 1) efficiency and 2) quality.