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Laundry Care: Free Laundry to Those in Need

We’re donating free laundry services to 10 families in need.

You can now donate to help additional families. The Folde will match donations as part of our Laundry Care campaign. For every $125 raised, we can gift another family in need one month of free laundry.

laundry care

Whether it’s from COVID-19 or the devastating winter storms, many of our neighbors are stuck at home without work, basic utilities, and access to affordable laundry options. We’re donating a month of free laundry service (a $250 value) to 10 families in need.


We’d love your help extending this to more families in need. The sky’s the limit! For every additional $125 raised, we can give another family one month of free laundry services. Will you donate?

apply now

Have you been affected? We’re accepting applications to give those in need free laundry services. The application is short and all information is confidential. Can we help you with your laundry?

Commitment to Clean

Times are changing, but not the importance of staying clean and healthy. Our mission to make laundry day as easy and accessible as possible hasn’t changed either.

We’ve also added new options to reinforce that mission, including complimentary sanitizing agents, apartment complex subscriptions, and linen-only discounts.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Austin & Houston TX

Free Laundry Care from The Folde

Thank you for your support of our shared community.

Whether you can donate to help support a family in need or if you’re applying for free laundry service yourself, we’re here to help.