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Delivery Laundry Service | The Folde | Austin & Houston, TX

The Folde Laundry Delivery Service Lingo

Laundry delivery service is new and trendy.

Especially in Austin and Houston! We’re happy to pave the way. And, just like anything else that’s new, we wanted to take a minute for you to get to know us. What better way than to do that than getting to know the laundry lingo? From the technical terms to the fun ones, here is some laundry lingo to help you get to know us.

Texas Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde
Perfect Sock Score: Did you know that less than 35% of our orders have perfect sock scores? Need a New Year’s Resolution for 2020? Try keeping your socks paired! As part of our quality control at The Folde, we spot-check sock counts. When your clothes are dirty, we will count all the total number of socks. And, when they’re clean, we count again to make sure no stragglers got lost along the way. It’s part of our commitment to quality that you don’t see. It’s also a great gauge on the accuracy of our production. As you know, keeping up with socks is the hardest part of the laundry process. Did you know our Houston laundry service customers average 12% more perfect socks scores than our Austin customers? Big props to you, Houston!

Texas Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde
The Procrastinator: We get all types of customers interested in laundry delivery service – and we’ve detailed them here. Our favorite: The Procrastinator. The makeup of a procrastinator: lots of laundry, quick turnaround, urgent notes on next-day delivery, and usually opens the door is their last outfit available. There are no other options left for The Procrastinator; today has to be laundry day.

Texas Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde
Fender: Fender was our first delivery van! He’s a really hard worker and knows the shortcuts all over town. While we’ve added a few more laundry delivery vans to the fleet since we started with Fender, he is still our longest-tenured delivery van. All the other vans look up to him for advice and guidance – we think. Fender is important because he reflects our shift to make sure laundry delivery is done right – not by some independent contractor or pizza delivery guy in his personal car. Your clothes, your time, and your trust are all very personal. That’s why our drivers are professional, full-time W2 employees – no contractors. We’ve hired a team of experienced and dedicated delivery drivers to captain our fleet of delivery vehicles. All of our delivery drivers have undergone thorough training to guarantee each and every order is treated with care and is picked up or delivered according to your account preferences.

Texas Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde
Hang & Steam: As part of our commitment to quality wash & fold laundry service, we want to make sure you’re never wearing wrinkled clothes. As a standard treatment, all collared shirts, blouses, & dresses in your wash & fold bags are steamed and returned on hangers to eliminate wrinkles – for free! With a good laundry delivery service, it’s all about the special treatment that you don’t see. But. don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.

Texas Laundry Delivery Service | The Folde
Machine Split: Speaking of special treatment that you don’t see, let’s chat machine splits. Laundromat wash & fold services get a bad wrap for cutting corners wherever they can. And, maybe rightfully so. At The Folde, all wash & fold laundry is split three ways in the wash cycle and up to five ways in the dry cycles. This means that your white-colored laundry is never washed with colors and your delicates are never dried with your towels. As part of our standard practices, we sort and check all garments for stains in production. However, it helps if you notify us about stains and special requests in your order notes. You also have the option to choose other treatment options in your account preferences as well, including bleach whites, add softener, or use scented detergent.

What other laundry delivery service terms can you think of?

Send your suggestions on Facebook or include them in your next order notes.

Questions? Comments or concerns? Let us know! Feel free to reach out by email at, phone/text at 833-676-5807, or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Not into that? Browsing our FAQ page might help too!

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