Laundry delivery service time slots

What are your pickup and delivery time slots?

The pickup and delivery time slots for dry cleaning and wash and fold laundry service depends on your zip code. The AM pickup and delivery route is from 8am to 1pm. The PM pickup and delivery route is from 2pm to 7pm. We also have a mid-day delivery route from 10am-3pm.

Not going to be home? No problem! You’ll be updated with texts, emails, and photos. If you won’t be home for your first pickup, you can leave your laundry in other bags or hampers that we will return with your clean clothes.

The best way to figure out which pickup and delivery slots you are eligible for is to log in. For a complete schedule, see below:

Monday AM 8am-1pm | Monday PM 2pm-7pm

Tuesday Mid-day 10am-3pm

Wednesday AM 8am-1pm | Wednesday PM 2pm-7pm

Thursday Mid-day 10am-3pm

Friday AM 8am-1pm | Friday PM 2pm-7pm

Saturday Mid-day 10am-3pm

Sunday Mid-day 10am-3pm

You will be sent text/email notifications throughout the process to update you on the status of your dirty laundry pickup and clean clothes delivery. If you are not home for your scheduled delivery, our driver will leave your clothes at the designated drop off point as noted in your account. You will be sent an automated text message with photo confirmation of the delivery.

Questions? Comments or concerns? Let us know! Feel free to reach out by email at, phone/text at 512-676-5807, or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Not into that? Browsing our FAQ page might help too!

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