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What happens next?

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We'll be in touch to go over your subscription options due to increased demand and limited availability. We are accepting limited numbers of new applicants. A representative will be in touch to grandfather your access into this subscription & coordinate a time to drop off your new laundry bags.

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quick call

We'll be in touch to review some of the subscription guidelines, set up your account, and coordinate other details with you over the phone. 

bag drop

Our drivers will drop off some laundry bags for you to stuff full before your first pickup. These bags are yours to keep! Stuff them full - it's covered by your subscription.

place an order

Once you have your subscription set up and your bags stuffed full, it's time to schedule an order! You'll log into the app and order whenever you're ready.

not home?

No problem! You'll be updated with photos. If you won't be home for your first pickup, you can leave your laundry in other bags or hampers that we will return with your clean clothes. Check out our pickup & delivery tips.

It's even easier on our app!

But, we're not just another pickup and delivery app. Our new take on laundry and dry cleaning is simple. We obsess over every detail throughout the cleaning process because, as you know, cleaning your clothes is an art -- not a science.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Austin & Houston TX