New: Apartment Laundry Subscriptions.

For apartment tenants without access to private washers & dryers, the only options are public laundromats & community laundry rooms. To help you avoid these, we've lowered the price of our unlimited laundry & dry cleaning plan for apartment residents from $250/mo to $129/mo.

How does the unlimited laundry subscription work?

how does it work?

Download The Folde’s app and toggle the subscription plan on. After turning your subscription on, you can schedule a dirty laundry pickup whenever fits your schedule. Order whenever it's convenient for you and order as often as you’d like – it doesn’t change the price! All pickups and deliveries are door-to-door services direct to your apartment’s front door.

what is included?

Unlimited really means unlimited! With this subscription, you can schedule as many orders as you want - with no limit on the number of laundry bags or dry cleaning garments. Also included in the subscription are delivery fees, order upgrades, and next-day delivery charges. Like we said, unlimited really means unlimited!

what does it cost?

The subscription now costs $129/mo. (was $250/mo.) as an effort to help apartment residents avoid laundromats & community laundry rooms. There are no limitations or contract commitments and it can be turned on and off at any time.

who qualifies?

You do need to live in an apartment complex to qualify. Homeowners and household tenants can still schedule laundry service as usual – but will not be eligible for the subscription. We’re trying to help our neighbors by giving a safe and affordable option to those without other options. You understand, right?

You don't have to leave the apartment on laundry day.

Things are changing. But the importance of staying clean & staying healthy isn't. And neither is our mission to make laundry day as easy and accessible as possible.

During these changing times, we've added new options to reinforce our mission including complimentary sanitization agents and apartment complex subscriptions. If you're interested in some help lightening the load, start by downloading our app!

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Austin & Houston TX

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