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5 Myths About Delivery Laundry Service

1. It’s already 2020! Of course, delivery laundry services exist!

And, there are good options out there! People interested in laundry service are now looking beyond the brick and mortar laundromat and dry cleaners in search of a better product, better service, and better communication – delivered to their door. And, quite frankly, they’re finding it!

2. Delivery laundry service is a luxury – but it’s not that expensive.

It’s about as much as ordering dinner delivered to your door. All things considered, a couple of quarters in a laundromat may cost less. But for $40 a month, you can afford it. The same way you can afford your favorite restaurant delivery on a Friday night when you’re just not in the mood for more leftovers – even though the leftovers are free.

But, no – buying new clothes is not cheaper.

3. Unlike doing your own laundry – delivery is pretty quick!

One to two days later and your laundry is cleaned and back in your drawers. While we can’t make sure you get your clean laundry bags put away quickly, a good delivery laundry service will make sure your clothes are delivered back to you within 1-2 days. And. that’s probably quicker than you most of the time, right?

4. A good laundry delivery service will knock your socks off…

Laundry delivery services are getting GOOD at laundry. The clothes in the order may change, but the product should not. Innovation in the laundry service industry is catering to this, maybe even promoting the odd attraction to over-doing it with product packaging, in-package marketing, and different service upgrades including drawer-ready packaging & steam treatment on hanging garments.  Large plastic trash bags were the standard once – but they’ve been replaced with vacuum-sealed poly wrap. That means you should no longer need to haul a big bag of laundry to every room and drawer in their house.

Laundry service companies are developing ways to treat their service more like a premium product. And, we’re happy to be part of that.

5. It makes a great gift!

Laundry is personal. And, giving someone a laundry service gift card can feel like you’re secretly hinting at their hygiene. But, that’s just not true. The same way you recommend other service-based companies like Instacart for grocery shopping, Wag for dog walking, and Lawnstarter for lawn care available at the click of a button, why not laundry? You can gift your friends and family laundry delivery service for the holidays with a gift card from The Folde.

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