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Want to help choose our new laundry bags?

We’re giving away free laundry for a month to one lucky voter!

It’s time for a change!

If you’ve been using our service for a while, you understand how the different laundry bags work. We use different bags to differentiate service, treatment, and pricing. We have a dry cleaning bag, a couple of wash & fold laundry bags, and soon we’ll even have a delicates bag.

But, when you’re new to the service, all the different bags can be a bit overwhelming. We want the size and treatment of the bags to be more clear!

Want to help us choose? Vote on your favorite below to enter to win free laundry for a month!

Option #1

Simple Wash, Dry, Fold Design

Option #2

Stacked Wash, Dry, Fold Design

Option #3

Circled Wash Dry Fold Design

Have another idea? Submit your own design here!

Did you know the current bag is our first & only bag design?

Some of you may still be using your first bag from Feb 2017! Speaking of bags, do you have a full bag ready to be picked up?