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Next-day laundry delivery is now available!

Laundry day is now even more convenient with next-day laundry delivery options. In a rush? No problem!

Now servicing Austin & Houston, Texas.

It’s finally here! Next-day laundry delivery is available.

What used to take two days is now delivered the very next day. We’re here to help! Because sometimes a laundry emergency feels like an actual emergency.

The Folde Laundry Delivery App | Austin & Houston TX

Next-day Laundry Delivery FAQ

How does next-day delivery laundry work?

In your app, you first have the option to select which laundry services you need.

The options here are:
1) wash & fold laundry service
2) dry cleaning service
3) both.

If you only need wash & fold laundry service, you’re eligible for next-day laundry delivery.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to orders that include any dry cleaning treatment. The default turnaround time on dry cleaning delivery is still two-days

Are there limitations to next-day laundry delivery?

Yes. Unfortunately, dry cleaning orders are not eligible for next-day laundry delivery due to the more detailed treatment needed for delicate launder-press and dry cleaning orders. If you’re in a rush – be sure to get your order scheduled early for access to next-day laundry delivery.

How much does it cost?

The next day delivery costs $10.

In the app, you’ll be prompted with the $5 charge. If you would like to pay the $5 next day upgrade, you can accept the rush delivery time slot. This delivery charge will automatically be added to your order.

Not into that? Two-day service is still available at the same price and the same scheduling availability.