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The Folde | Delivery Laundry Service | Austin & Houston, TX

Our Laundry Delivery Drivers are Thrilled!

Thanks to everyone who sent in laundry delivery driver doorbell photos!

We’re done redecorating thanks to your photo submissions! The walls were empty in the driver’s room at our new facility. But, not anymore thanks to you sharing your camera doorbell pictures of our laundry delivery drivers so we could hang them up.

In exchange for a $20 credit on your next order, we let you submit your video doorbell photos of our laundry delivery drivers.

You know we couldn’t just stop there, right? So, we’re mailing everyone who entered autographed doorbell prints from your favorite laundry delivery drivers.

Some of y’all interpreted our laundry delivery driver picture contest as dog pictures and were ok with it…

Interested in learning more about The Folde’s delivery laundry service in Austin and Houston, Texas? You can download the appread customer reviews, or get a little more detailed on how the service works.

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