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Pocket Candy: A Laundry Study

It’s not the research that you want. It’s the post-Halloween research that you need!

One week after Halloween, the results are in. We’ve removed over 150 pieces of candy from our customers’ pockets before cleaning. That’s almost three full variety packs if you’re keeping track at home! So, like any curious company, we decided to run the numbers. Here are your favorites:

  • Starburst (21%)
  • Snickers (18%)
  • Twix (16%)
  • Skittles (15%)
  • Reese’s (10%)
  • M&Ms (10%)
  • Other (8%)
  • Candy Corn (2%)

In Houston, we found that Starbursts we’re by far the number one choice. However, in Austin, Snickers was the favorite!

Don’t worry – as part of our standard production process, we check all pockets before cleaning. Feel free to use coupon code POCKETCANDY for $5 off your next order by 10/31.

Questions? Comments or concerns? Let us know! Feel free to reach out by email at, phone/text at 833-676-5807, or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Not into that? Browsing our FAQ page might help too!

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