How to handle a customer who receives extra clothing

A customer who receives extra clothing is a Level 2 support ticket. Follow the steps below to handle the issue.

Mark will add Loom video here once Flow Chart is made

Quick Reply

I'm so sorry! All garments & bags are tracked using our barcode & routing software. It looks like we've made a terrible mistake here though. 

We have a tracking system and camera system that enables us to watch a slow-motion replay of your order - like a football game. While this takes time, it is a great way to prevent and correct honest mistakes. 

While we're reviewing our cameras and looking into the tracking notes, can you prepare the clothes for us to collect? Can I get this pickup scheduled for you on ______ in our route that runs from _____? We'll get this recleaned and delivered to the rightful owner.

If you'll set the incorrectly delivered clothing out for us to collect while we review our cameras & delivery notes, I'll be in touch shortly!

Also, I've added a $__ credit to your account. We hope to regain your trust. Thanks so much for the help here. 

Communication Plan

Level 2 issues will be handled in Starchup by the support agent.  

Support Agent: The support agent will handle the issue in Starchup by following their issue-based protocol. 

The support agent will not interrupt operators for L2 issues. Instead, the support agent will update the CX Issues Google Document. These issues will be discussed weekly with operators: Tuesday 4pm - 5pm.

Operator: The operator is responsible for helping the support agents with the weekly discussion. The operator is also in charge of communicating necessary changes or reminders to their direct reports.

Lost and Found Documentation

All incoming lost and found orders are tracked with a unique Assignment Number. This is a one-letter/three-number code (ex. A536 or T721) that will be unique to that specific intake. See the below examples of logging in the Lost and Found Tracker.

Properly tracking these lost and found items is crucial to getting them back to their rightful owner.

Retaining customers is our secret sauce. They might not be back tomorrow or next week. But, they'll be back!