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Starting a Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service

Mark Vlaskamp, Founder of The Folde, discusses starting a pickup and delivery laundry service on The Laundromat Resource Podcast

Building a Laundry Business Backwards:

In today’s show Mark Vlaskamp reveals how he got into the laundromat business by doing everything backward. He shares the tough lessons he learned and how he’s working his way back to where most owners start out in the coin laundry business.

Despite going in the wrong direction, Mark and his partners have found incredible success and in this show, Mark shares his secrets of how they built a thriving business in two distinct major metro areas. His story is truly incredible.

Packed with hard-earned wisdom and valuable tips for the current laundromat owner and for those looking to buy their first laundromat, Mark is a humble laundromat guru who wants to see you succeed, too!