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Refunding laundry subscription overcharged by accidental glitch at The Folde.

On Thursday March, 26 your account was part of a glitch that our development team noticed in our subscription account billing. This has impacted your account in at least one of the following ways:

a) You were double charged for your monthly subscription dues.

b) Your orders between 3/25-3/27 were charged a-la-carte when they should have been covered by your monthly subscription – with no additional charges.

All inappropriate laundry service charges from The Folde have been refunded – though we are hearing that these have not all reached your bank accounts yet. See below FAQ and explanation of the glitch, the refunds, and the processes we’ve put in place to prevent this moving forward.

Information on laundry service subscription glitch.

subscription charge

On March 26 at 10 AM, we just got a red flag on our platform about subscribers being double charged for subscriptions. The fix we did the day before was slightly too aggressive and we have now resolved the issue.

We had a solution ready to run to automatically refund those customers and re-add any credits that they may have used for that transaction. These $129 charges debited in your account on 3/26 have been refunded.

This is now fixed moving forward.

orders 3/25-3/27

The cause of the first glitch was us coming up with a solution to prevent orders from being charged individually. In the time period of 3/25-3/27, you may have had an order(s) charged at our regular pricing.

These orders should have been covered by your monthly subscription. These have too been refunded – though due to the nature of the charge – we are hearing from our credit card processor that the refunds may not have hit your bank yet. These should clear any day now. And, we are keeping an eye on them.

confirming subscription

We launched the unlimited laundry subscription to help apartment residents with an affordable and safe option for laundry during the lockdowns in Austin & Houston, TX. While we are happy that we got this resolved and can continue the positive effort, we were disappointed for the headaches we caused.

We’re incredible sorry! Really sorry! Our unlimited laundry subscription really means unlimited laundry. And, we appreciate your patience here as we fixed the glitch.

Contact customer support.

Mollie and Mark on our Customer Support Team are reviewing your accounts individually to confirm that all of the proper refunds have been issues. While we can’t control how quickly it hits your bank, we can do everything in our power to make sure they are issued properly and communicate the details with you. Please expect a check-in email from us shortly to confirm.

Schedule your next laundry delivery service – without a glitch!