The Best Mattress Protector Recommended by a Laundry Service

Over the past decade, mattress protectors have become more and more popular not just for individuals, but among those with pets or small children.

Are you truly an adult if you don’t have a mattress protector?

If you’ve spent enough time on or around your bed, especially in a work-from-home situation, you’ve probably realized the countless possibilities there are for spilling something on your mattress. It can be as accidental as walking by with a drink and stubbing your toe, or maybe you’re a nighttime snacker.

Whatever your situation, mattress protectors are often a lifesaver. They create a barrier between your sheets and the mattress that protects the latter from any spills, stains, or odors. Mattress protectors prolong the life of your mattress, letting it truly love to its fullest and providing you with the long-term quality product you invested in from the start.

Over the past decade, mattress protectors have become more and more popular not just for individuals, but among those with pets or small children. They’re essential to a clean and happy home.

Unfortunately, their rising popularity means it can be hard to guarantee you’re getting a quality product that fits your needs. There’s nothing worse than a mattress protector that feels like one, and losing sleep would be the opposite of what you’re looking to gain.

Luckily, we’re here to steer you in the right direction by introducing the GhostBed mattress protector.

Crafted Comfort

If your automatic response to mattress protectors is to wrinkle your nose at the thought of laying on a crunchy, loud sheet of plastic that digs into your back, that’ll be the last of your worries with the GhostProtector.

The GhostProtector is made up of premium fibers and doesn’t include any plastic in the makeup. It has a soft knit top that guarantees comfort; no waking yourself up with crinkly movements throughout the night. Sleeping on this mattress protector is like sleeping on the mattress itself.

Waterproof & Lightweight

For families with young children, including toddlers and infants, it can be a struggle to keep any surface clean. And if your young ones love snuggling up in bed with you, that can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t prepared.

Luckily, the GhostProtector is completely waterproof. It’ll keep your mattress free from stains and hard-to-dry spills that will, eventually, create unwanted odors.

An added benefit is the antimicrobial technology that eliminates allergens, so you’re in for a irritation-free night. For those with sensitive allergies or anyone particularly sensitive to scents and dust, this fabric naturally stays allergen-free.

The mattress protector is also lightweight and easy to move when it’s time to clean. Cleaning a mattress is near impossible, but it’s a relief knowing you can just slip off the mattress protector and get it in the wash. One cycle will get rid of any dust, dead skin cells, or allergens that have accumulated over time.

GhostBed suggests running this product through a cold cycle wash and air dry tumble without heat for best results and to keep your mattress protector going for years to come.

Cooling & Gripping Technology

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you’re familiar with the phenomenon of cooling comfort. Countless sheets on the market are advertised as having cooling technology to help you get to sleep fast; the GhostProtector is no different.

The knit fabric of the GhostProtector wicks away moisture and creates a breathable texture. No more overheating in the middle of the night and kicking one foot out from under the blankets. If you’re interested in other cooling technology products, check out GhostBed’s sheets and mattresses.

A mattress protector doesn’t do much good if it slips off regularly, which can be a problem for active sleepers or those with energetic families. If your loved ones love crawling in to bed with you for a TV show or a good book, the last thing you need is the protector slipping up when your toddler is holding a cup full of juice. GhostBed has created their patented GhostGrip bands, made of 2 inch elastic. They fit mattresses snugly, ensuring that the protector will stay secure throughout the night or any daily activities that get a bit rowdy.

20+ Years in Industry

One of the biggest draws when it comes to GhostBed is the company’s background. They have over twenty years of experience in the industry, and the CEO had his own share of sleeping issues before taking on the task of creating quality bedding products. They’re dedicated to their customers because they’re customers themselves, and they understand the struggle of uncomfortable sleep and poor-quality products.

With a history of innovation, the company has patented quite a few of their own products and designs. They support USA-made and manufactured products where and when they can, although the GhostProtector is manufactured at a high tech facility in Asia that is top notch when it comes to cooling, anti-microbial, and waterproof fibers.

GhostBed also guarantees a 10 year warranty with the purchase of their protector and customers rave about their support in explaining how their products work and the best ways to care for them.

Why Invest?

You may still be on the fence about the benefits of getting a mattress protector for you and your family, and that’s understandable. While this particular product is affordable compared to the rest of the market, it’s still a good chunk of change to be spending on something you may not fully understand.

Mattress protectors are a great option for active families, picky sleepers, snackers, and anyone concerned with the overall quality of their mattress. If you’ve spent money on a high end mattress, you know the importance of keeping it clean and protected – this is where a mattress protector comes in. The last thing you want is to spill coffee on your high-end mattress when you’re half asleep!

When it comes to finding the perfect fit in a mattress protector, it’s all about comfort and quality. GhostBed has done a wonderful job of cultivating both in the design of their GhostProtector mattress protector.

You’ll not only be shielding your mattress from odors, stains, and spills, but protecting yourself as well from allergens, discomfort, and overheating at night.

Invest in your sleep by capitalizing on a quality mattress protector. With the experience, knowledge, and innovation they have to approach every single product, GhostBed mattress protectors are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for both you and your mattress.

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