All The Things Laundromat Customers Hate About Your Store

As a business owner, you’re proud of your store. But, are your customers? Here is a list of all the things laundromat customers hate about your store.

These days, if one customer dislikes an aspect of your business, its reach will be amplified if they choose to share a review on sites like Yelp, Google, etc. Now, we all make mistakes, but it becomes more so of a risk factor to your business’s survival to have them flaunted front-and-center to past and potential patrons who are keen on getting others’ opinions on purchasing decisions before coming to a conclusion themself.

To create the best possible laundromat experience for customers, you should have an understanding of what customers have notoriously hated about laundromats in the past so you steer clear of making these same mistakes. Read on for the top five things customers hate about laundromats!

1. Inconvenient Location

The first thing you need to think about when deciding location is who your target market is. Are they young, old, somewhere in the middle? Where do they live and go out, and what parts of town do they avoid? Are there any competitors within a 5-mile radius? Is there parking space available and accessible entrances? These are all questions that should help point you in the right direction in terms of location, as traditional strip malls may not always be ideal depending on who will be patronizing your laundromat.

2. Outdated Equipment

Many customers these days prefer debit or credit card payments over quarters. Again, depending on who your target audience is, it might be worth the investment to upgrade conventionally coin-only payment systems to adopt a hybrid system with coin and card-based machines available in order to cater to a wide range of customer preferences. Using card-based payment processing will also make bookkeeping a breeze, but may take some getting used to by customers initially.

If your business is not currently in a position to upgrade equipment, consider installing a change machine for customers who are die-hard card users.

3. Bad Service

It is inevitable that issues will pop up along the way, regardless of if your machines are up-to-date and everything seems to be running smoothly. For this reason, there should always be an attendant on the premises to resolve any mishaps that may occur, such as payment issues, machine cleanliness, equipment dysfunctionality, service questions, and concerns, etc.

Furthermore, it is more interpersonal to have a human representative for your business who can lend a helping hand to first-time customers and develop relationships with customers, even if only on-site during high traffic hours. Having a friendly attendant can also diminish and compensate for other problems that may arise, such as broken equipment.

4. Unwelcoming Environment

Providing basic amenities in your laundromat is essential to any pleased customer’s experience with a laundromat. Start by creating a comfortable lounging area with free Wi-Fi and gauge customer responses in regards to how much time is spent waiting inside for their load. There may be an opportunity to capitalize on this lounging time by selling light refreshments or installing a vending machine, and providing an ironing station, children’s play area, and/or TV.

We hoped this guide provided you some direction with deciding how to go about enhancing your laundromat’s experience for customers. As you can see, the sky’s the limit when crafting the best experience for your laundromat customers.

Whatever you decide to take action on, will prove to serve you well in the future with positive customer responses, which will lead to a growing market.

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