Tips to Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Stinky laundry? Wondering how to make your laundry smell better? Here’s how to get perfect smelling laundry with every load.

There’s nothing better than grabbing your favorite sweater from the drawer and breathing in the familiar scent of freshly washed fabric. Or jumping into bed after a long day and snuggling down under clean, fresh bedsheets.

But how can you make that all your laundry retains its “just washed” scent and doesn’t start to smell like a wet dog?

Follow these 5 surprisingly easy tips, and you’ll enjoy fresh-smelling laundry all year round. If you’re interested in specific tips for treating your stinky workout clothes, check out our other post on How to Make Stinky Workout Clothes Smell Fresh Again.

Make your laundry smell better: Don’t wait to wash

Hands up all those who have a laundry pile at home? Most busy households have a pile of dirty clothes that grows throughout the week, waiting for laundry day.

It may seem less time-consuming to do one wash a week, but leaving dirty clothes to fester encourages bacteria.

Make your laundry smell better by washing smaller washes throughout the week. Preventative maintenance is the name of the game! Always wash very soiled clothes as soon as you’ve finished wearing them. A pre-soak first will help eliminate any nasty odors before they hit the washing machine.

Make your laundry smell better: Choose the right detergent

Washing with hot water doesn’t necessarily make clothes cleaner. And worse still, it’s neither good for the environment nor your clothes.

But here’s the thing.

Some older detergents may not be able to clean as efficiently with a cold water cycle.

Read the labels on detergents and choose an eco-friendly brand that works well with cooler temperatures.

Some people think the more detergent used, the cleaner the clothes.

But surprisingly, it’s the other way around. Too much detergent leaves a residue on clothes which can become a hotbed for bacteria. If the detergent to water ratio is off, this will not only prevent all of the laundry detergents from washing off but also the suds can prevent the clothes from spinning – while leading to a less than satisfactory clean. Instead, clothes should be able to tumble freely in the cycle.

As for pouring detergent straight onto clothes, that’s a surefire way to fade a favorite garment.

Make your laundry smell better: Clean your washing machine

If your clothes smell musty, then it could be due to a dirty machine. Mold builds up in the rim and detergent drawers of machines and causes bacterial overgrowth.

Make your laundry smell better by using white vinegar to clean your machine. Using a spray bottle, clean the inside of the drum by spritzing with the vinegar and wiping down with a clean cloth.

Or add 2 cups to the machine and let it run on the longest cycle every so often. A little goes a long way if you want to make your laundry smell better!

Make your laundry smell better: Don’t cram the machine

It’s tempting to throw all your dirty clothes in the machine, even if it’s a bit of a squeeze. After all, who’s got time to sit around to do 4 loads of washing?

The thing is, by cramming the machine, the clothes have no room to move. So the water and detergent can’t reach all the soiled areas.

An easy way to make your laundry smell better it to only fill the machine to between 50%-70% capacity. Clothes come out sparkly clean and smell fresh every time.

Make your laundry smell better: Is your laundry is completely dry?

Dry to touch doesn’t always mean the laundry is totally dry. A quick way to NOT make your laundry smell better is to have your laundry wet when you put it away. Make sure the laundry is completely dry before putting it away.

Damp clothes leave an odor that’s hard to get rid of without another wash. And, in some cases, wet clothes that stay in a dryer for extended periods of time will keep a scent that is impossible to remove.

Let a laundry service make your laundry smell better!

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