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5 Foolproof Tips to Wash Bed Sheets & Linens

Sleep better and extend the life of your linens with these five foolproof tips for washing your bedding.

5 Tips for Washing Your Bedding

Our bodies naturally shed skin cells during the night, not to mention sweat, toxins, and oils. Combined with humid temperatures, you can quickly see why your bed sheets may be a ground for bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. This grime accumulation can lead to eye irritations, allergies, and asthma, among others ailments. Sleep peacefully and extend the life of your linens with these five foolproof tips for washing your bedding.

COVID-19 UPDATE: With growing concerns about the potential spread of viruses, be ensured that the laundering process eliminates bacteria on your linens. The CDC states that laundering with detergent alone is also an effective method.

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1. Treat Stains Before You Wash Bed Sheets

Before washing your bedding, it’s important to treat stains with a dedicated stain removal. Plant-based products are great options that are naturally free of dyes, chlorine, and phosphates. After all, do you really want to rest your head on chemicals when you lay down at night?

You can always try removing the stain by hand, but be aware that some stains can be very stubborn and persistent leading to discoloration of your bedsheets. There are also some home remedies like apple cider vinegar combined with water or baking soda that may help alleviate those stubborn stains. It’s because of these stains that we recommend white linens. While white linens are easier to stain, they make stain removal much easier!

2. Keep the Water Temperature Low

Lower temperatures are best for washing bedding. Most linen materials are sensitive, which means that higher temperatures can cause fraying or excess shedding. Always read the instruction labels before washing your bedding to prevent damage. Temperature settings at 80 – 100°F are ideal and will give you the best results. For better results, use a mild non-bio or chemical-free detergent, as chemical detergents can end up damaging your nylon, linen, satin, or silk pillowcases and bedsheets if they are not admisistered properly.

3. Turn Pillowcases & Duvets Inside Out

Turning your pillowcases and duvet inside out not only keep the material from shedding or colors from fading but helps thoroughly wash away any accumulated debris. This simple strategy will also prevent damage to the duvet cover, extending its life expectancy and ultimately saving you money.

This goes for your regular laundry as well. Wash your clothes inside out to keep them looking newer longer. This way, the wrong side of the garment takes the abuse and fading caused by the agitation, not the right side. Clothes get just as clean when washed inside-out.

4. Wash Your Bedding in Separate Loads

Breaking difficult chores up into smaller parts makes any chore easier––especially washing your bedding. Instead of washing all of your sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and duvets at once, consider separating them into different loads.

One option is to wash your bedding by room. Wash one room’s bedding before moving to the next to prevent laundry burnout! Or, maybe it makes more sense to wash separate loads based on the bedding type. This would mean one load of sheets, one load of pillowcases, and one load of duvets. This is how professional laundry services process your bedding because it makes folding and organizing the clean laundry much easier!

5. Use a Professional Laundry Service

A professional laundry service can alleviate the hassle of laundering your bedding. Get started with a pick-up and delivery laundry service like The Folde to simplify your laundry experience while maximizing your results.

The Folde offers flat-rate pricing on all wash & fold orders – delivered straight to your door. If washing your sheets frequently is something you’re interested in but have been putting off, try it out! And, get ready for that first night in new sheets feeling!

Need Some Help Washing Your Bedding?

Take care of your bedding the right way with a professional laundry service. When it comes to top-quality professional laundry service, The Folde can help you with all your laundry needs.

We pride ourselves on our convenient and professional pickup and delivery services. How often should you wash your bed sheets? As often as you need. Whether you need weekly laundry services for your clothes or occasional laundry service to care for your linens and bedding, The Folde has you covered.

With fast, contactless pickup and delivery, special treatment preferences, and top-tier professional results, you won’t ever go back to doing your own laundry again. Learn more about our services and schedule your first pickup today.

The Folde | Tips for Washing Bedding | Laundry Delivery Service

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